What is the most freakish accident you have ever had?

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  1. I got hit in the head with a cricket ball , I was not on the pitch , the bowler completely miss bowled and hit me in the process.
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    I got stabbed back when I was 18. was pretty bad had to stay in the hospital for a while. That's what I get for kicking it with people I can't trust.:rolleyes: that was most def the worst freaky ting that ever happened to me.
  3. Yesterday I was lounging on a suntan chair and something freaky happened. I was smoking a cig and a glob of ash must've fell on my shirt. Well it was still lit and burned a hole through me shirt!! :eek: shit was crazy.
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  4. I got hit by a bird going super sonic. I was in the navy and launching aircraft off off the flight deck. Something hit me in the side hard enough to knock the wind out of me.

    A seagul went through some jet wash as the aircraft was taking off. Bird got caught up in the exhaust and hit me. They called me big bird after that and painted my flight deck boots yellow. Good times...
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  5. Pitch fork flew off the flat bed or the truck in front of me and stabbed into my driver side headlight

    I had also had a rock crack my windshield while going around a u shaped curve the rock is believed to come from the car on the opposite side of the u or a damn Bigfoot threw it lol by eureaka springs arkansas

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  6. I was on a Trip from Ohio to Kentucky, and was at Cave Run Lake playing Disc Golf, and got hit from about 5 feet away in the eye with a Disc. Bled a bit, about passed out, all was good the next day, barely even a black eye. Freakish when it first happened, for me, and everyone else!
  7. I was driving my buddy's AMC Eagle, a car with a roll bar on the inside, down a gravel road outside of Yakima, Washington...when I lost control, and the car rolled three or four times. It landed on all four wheels, engine still running, so I simply drove away. Only time I ever drove a car with a rollbar, and I rolled it.

    Also, I had just bought my first pair of steel toed boots and put them on, then had to clean some birdshit off the windshield of my Volkswagen bus. I hosed off the window, then reached in through the window to turn the key to the accessory position so I could run the windshield wipers...and turned the key too far to the start position. The bus started, and drove right over my foot. First time wearing steel toed boots, and I drove over my own foot.

    Rabbit's feet are lucky, but only if they're still attached. :confused_2:
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  8. Went to jump of a hill about 30 feet into a waterfall, slipped at end of run and just landed awkwardly into water was about 3 inches from hitting my head of the stone... phew.
  9. I was driving concrete nails with a hammer, I took one from between my lips, hit it hard one time and it flew out and stuck right back between my lips. Didn't even hurt.
  10. I saw a collar bounce through the derrick and kill a tool hand.
  11. The day I got married.
  12. really a uneventful life, but what comes to mind is my first high speed cycling accident. there was this big ol hill I was bombing with plans on making a moto gp style left turn at the bottom. I was probably up at 60-65 km/h and proceeded to turn in left and catch the next hill. I was mid turn and I think instead of committing more I tapped the brakes to slow down but it was to hard and the bike righted itself at the last 1/4 of the apex. I say I think because the bike went straight for the curb. I remember black and the sensation of the wheels rolling up and over then I think a speed wobble followed by hitting the ground and sliding on the grass for about a car length or two along the side of the road missing a telephone pole by a couple feet. got up and the only thing wrong with the bike was the dam bars twisted on me probably causing me to go down. as for my self... bunch of bruises maybe a concussion.. seen white when I went down but didn't get one?

    now I'm just as stupid but I know what i'm doing lol. never touched that hill again but have gone faster and cornered harder
  13. I was putting out a box of cilantro back when I worked in produce, and I was looking at some girl not paying attention to what I was doing, my blade caught on the wet cardboard, I pulled harder to get it to cut and I ended up socking myself in the nuts
  14. I got stoned with some friends, slipped in mud and popped my knee out. So I was high and freakin out but once the paramedics go there it was cool. They gave me the green whistle (pain killer codine or something) I was so messed up I really thought I was in a another dimension.

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