what is the most efficient way to smoke?

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  1. what is the most efficeint way to smoke?
  2. I'd say a good vaporizer.
  3. cheaper dank tree with a waterfall/gb
  4. most deffinity g bong or watgergate
  5. a waterfall is definitely easier than a gravity
  6. vape

  7. how is a waterfall efficient
  8. A waterfall is about as efficient as a gravity bong.

    A blunt seems like the most efficient way to me, when it's rolled by an experienced roller. The runner up for me is just through a normal Bowl. Smoking through a water pipe always makes me wonder how much THC the water is actually filtering out.

    Just smoking out of a vaporizer doesn't do it for me, I love the feeling of actual smoke. But I do love hitting on a vaporizer after ripping some bowls :smoking:
  9. waterfall bong for sure. a sobe bottle + socket + small as bowls = ripped:smoke:
  10. vape = 98% thc as with a bong its 67% thc and blunt and joins are 58% thc .....so vape your ass off dude
  11. 420Danny beat me to it :rolleyes:
  12. Free basing it. :rolleyes:
  13. hits from the bong.

    vaps though are the heavy hitter status of getting baked.

    i personally just like to take bts.
  14. Not even close
  15. as in "Hes wrong" or not even close to the end of thread?
  16. Both in my opinion. Vaporizers I find get me way less high, not to mention some dont even burn hot enough to burn the CBD's and CBN's. And with vaporizing it only burns the THC on the outside of the bud, but deep inside of it can still be traces of THC. You can smoke vaped weed and still get high off it...

    So in short, vapes are not efficient.

  17. wouldnt getting the right temp and break up the weed more or putting less amount into the vap make it get most of the thc.

    whoever said blunt. thats probably cause theres the most weed in their. some of the smoke goes to the atmosphere and not your lungs so its not most efficent.

    vape > bong > papers
  18. hahaha you dont put a hole bud in a vap dumb dumb haha lol you grind it up until its fine and then you try NOT to burn the weed through the glass (this is considering your using a homemade) and if you do it right then you get WAYYY higher than anything else (and like i said its actually proven that 98% thc is extracted wehn vaped and less when used on a bong or something) (also not trying to start anything cause if you dont like vaping then thats your choice. I'm guessing that you like bongs better haha)

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