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what is the most efficient way to smoke kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mr. buddington, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. im all out of bud but i have a decent amount of kief and im wondering what would be the best/most efficient way to smoke it. any suggestions would be much appreciated
  2. Knife hit?
  3. small metal pipe with a gold, brass screen
  4. i usually find a bowl that has a layer of ash on it... then jus lay the kief on top n take some rips... becareful not to blow the kief off the bowl tho
  5. I like to put it on top of a bowl. I never lose any that way
  6. Keif alone, I ball it up if its sticky enough and do knife hits, or I just smoke it out of my pipe with a screen or 'pebble' (Solid kind of pyramid kind of thing with holes in it, you put it in the bottom of the bowl).

    Normally Just add it to bowls of bud, usually in a bong. I can't for the life of me smoke keif through a bong, I know people just say 'be careful' but since I have absolutely no control over water suction it can be a keif bowl down the drain.
  7. I roll kief pinners sometimes, pack em super tight and smoke em to the dome to get suprblazed
  8. I have no problem hitting it from my bong, i just give only the tiniest pull though, and the second i see any starting to fall, ease up. But for people without suction skills?, i would say maybe get a tiny bit of bud, and not fully clog the whole in the bowl, but rest it on top, and i have found that to work well for those who pull the kief all the way down by accident.
  9. A vaporizer is the most efficient way to smoke any cannabis.
  10. I second this. I have a coinbox which i put spare change in which is going towards a shiny new volcano. Im at $102.25, lol.
  11. couldnt have said it better. this is how i do it.
  12. i was thinking about taking knife hits but i was wondering if there were any better ways. thank you to everyone that gave a suggestion
  13. A vaporizer. Kief is almost pure THC, so a vape would get you fuuucked up.

  14. The only thing present in thc vapor is thc...

  15. Kief is not almost pure THC. It's around 45% if it's a very good strain. You need highly purified hash oil or one of it's derivatives like budder to get anywhere near even 90%.

  16. It doesn't matter, its the purest form most people can get there hands on. Last time I checked 50% thc is pretty damn good
    And I agree smoking kief through a vape is a great idea

    I would kill for budder though
  17. If the key word is efficient (ie. wasting the least amount) then the answer is probably Vaporizer, no question.

    But if you don't have one or don't feel like purchasing one, putting a small piece of nug in the bottom of the bowl and filling the rest w/ kief always works for me. :) just burn corners and draw slowly.

    Kief burns at a much lower temperature and evaporates more quickly, so you don't need much flame.
  18. most efficient - vap obv
    my fav - kief j's /blunts

  19. What doesn't matter? I was just correcting a statement someone made that kief was 'almost pure THC'. That is patently false.

    Budder isn't hard to make if you understand some basic organic chemistry. The real secret is to make the oil you start with out of premium bud rather than trimmings. The rest is a matter of proper isomerization and decarboxylation.
  20. i like to press my kief into hash before smoking it. if you have trouble saving up enough to press it into some hash, smoking some on top of a bowl would be sufficient. i enjoy pressing my kief because it makes it a whole lot easier to handle and i think its a better way to smoke it since it wont burn so quick

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