What is the most efficient method of cloning?

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  1. I have the ability to use my bubble cloner that I built, which has given me mixed results, or I can use the traditional method - Sticking cuttings in soil with some rooting powder (that's all I have, unless you consider SuperThrive to be valuable in cloning)

    Basically, I want to know which method has the greatest chance of working.

    The first time I ever used my bubble cloner, most of my cuttings rooted fine, and quickly. However, since that first batch, almost nothing has taken root in it.

    I know humidity is really important.

    The one thing I can say is that it would be easier for me to provide humidity with the soil method. I don't have anything that will work as a dome for my bubbler.

    Anyway, what are your opinions on this? Which method works better; soil or bubble cloner?
  2. Here's what I use, its an aerocloner and I bought the clear bowl from a dollar store ,three rounds of clones and 100% success so far....

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  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eWFEZN_mEg&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  4. This helps a bit. Thanks everyone. I guess the Aerocloner is the way to go...
  5. Awesome mini closer!!! I want one for desktop
  6. Clone x gel and rapid rooters

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