What is the most confusing thing that has happened to you while high?

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  1. By high, I don't mean just blazed. Trippin, rollin, whatever.

    One night I drank a little bottle of some fairly weak codeine syrup (which had dph in it), took 3 smallish rails of some good MDMA and parachuted a little bit, blazed, and popped about 200mg of dph. (Anyone who wants to hate just gtfo now, haha)

    I was so fucked up, I don't remember too much of it. But at one point I was on GC trying to browse, and all of a sudden I was at my friends house who lives on the other side of town. I was just sitting there thinking "How in the fuck did I get here?!"
    I heard his grandma flippin out and saying things like "I think those kids are on mushrooms!" and a bunch of other shit like that.. But none of this was scary at all to me. Because of the DPH it all seemed fairly normal.

    So we are just sitting chillin in my buddies room having a conversation and shit, and then I start thinking "How in the fuck am I going to get home?!" but once again, it didn't worry me at all. All of a sudden I was in my computer room again, and thats when I started to get confused.

    So I walked into the kitchen, and it was like full of people.
    I knew nobody was supposed to be at my house, and my parents were sleeping, but it again confused me for a few seconds and then seemed really normal.

    I can't really remember anything else but I remember I never flipped out, and I was pretty messed up. Woke up the next day feeling fine.

    Sorry for the long ass post, but lets hear your stories GC. Once again this thread isnt for telling people about how they abuse drugs, etc. so as I said, if your gonna hate or call us irresponsible, leave now.
  2. did you try touchin any of the people to see if you can actually feel them?

    well i dont know if its my most confusing time, but once on acid i went to buy some snacks and tried to give the cashier enough change so she only gives me bills, and i just couldnt do the math AT ALL for some reason. i looked at the change in my hand confused and just gave her everything.

    i bet she knew i was on somethin
  3. wow. i have been this fucked up before, but never not able to actually distinguish if i was in the room or not.
    wow :D:smoking:

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