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What is the most common type of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 9, 2011.

  1. schwag mids or dank? Here's the story. A guy i found is holding but is being really annoying and either doesn't know the quality of his bud or isn't telling me. I would go to anyone else i know usually but all my friends are dry right now. We live in the tri-state area if that helps.
  2. Hmmm in southern Cali dank is really common, it hard to find cheap bud lol, its a blessing and a curse
    But tell him to bring it and examine it and ask him to try out a bowl with you and determine what it is, and if your lucky and hes dumb it'll be some dank and hell think its mids and you can get a steal lol
  3. It varies on location. In my area, I can't find schwag.

  4. I just bought shake for $1/gram :wave:
  5. Are you sure its even weed....
  6. Marijuana type weed

  7. [​IMG]
  8. You know any place where three states come together is a tri-state area, right? So we don't know what state you're in, just that you're in the corner of it.

    If it was dank, I bet the dealer would tell you. Not the kind of info they hold back. It's likely mids or lower based on that alone. And if he doesn't know, you need a new dealer!
  9. Here in MI regs, Northern Lights, White widow, and Sour-D Are pretty common. Atleast for me (;
  10. By sheer terms of quantity? Probably the latino mids that's shipped here in 25 pound blocks.
  11. Depends on where you live.

    Also, don't rely on your dealer to tell you what strain it is. It's either good or it's bad.
    Dealers where I live have good shit but they give it their own names. But sometimes they actually do get what the name is and it makes me happy :)

    When my dealer gets purple kush, it's Purple Kush and he knows it.

    Other times he'll just give the bud a name
  12. I know more mids than dank exist in my town but I rarely see anything other than dank weed. No real specially named strains just indoor hydro. You can get fluffy outdoor stuff by the lb on the other side of the tracks.
  13. I'd say 60% of weed in my area is mids and the other 40% is dank...mids are always very green, never seen anything brown
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    WTF that is NOT a gram
    And that's pure stems and trimming you can't get shit from that...and it looks like K2 shit
  15. Indica and sativa/hybrids.
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    Prolly, cuz I got an Oz of shake for 10 bucks, can get it cheap

  17. That was never supposed to be a gram. I said the cost was $1 per gram. I got an ounce. What you see pictured is what fell out when I opened the bottle. A few micro nugs and frosted leaves. It is not fake :rolleyes:
  18. tri-state means NY, NJ, CT. Very common term in the area so i got you OP. Around me all i can get though my guy is dank & beasters from BC. I apparently can get "green bud", which is what mids/regs are called around here, on the cheap but i'm not really interested in that right now. I pay premium price but get hooked up, always extra buds. Most common around here is hybrids tho, name brands are usually Sour D & Kush decendents

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