What Is The Most Cash You Ever Had

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    Title says it all what is the most cash you ever had in your hand at one point in time. It had to of belonged to you also.

    For me it was a little over a grand.
  2. Like $700..
  3. i have felt like a million bucks a couple different times!!!!
  4. Well it depends if you mean paper cash or not. If so then about $400 at once. However if you were to count my financial aid returns then there are times where I have $1600 at once but it is all debit. Nontheless I still have the debit card in my hand and that $1600 is all at my disposal.
    Now that I have been allowed to join the National Society of Leadership and Success though I am being offered scholarships that pay up to $150,000 a year!!!!!! I
  5. Where the fuck did that happen

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  6. probbly like 200 unless you count an items value. then maybe 500 in bud
  7. Around $5k. Could've been anywhere between $4700 and $5300, I don't remember.
  8. The most I've had (not in physical cash, but funds in my bank account) would be a little over $2000. That was like right after a financial aid return alongside a well-earned paycheck.
  9. The most ive PERSONALLY owned at once? About 9 grand...
    Give me about 8months and like 70 grand of debt killed and that number will be much higher :smoke:
  10. I have an inheritance that I haven't touched yet. Won't say how much.
  11. ~$20k from a trust fund I received in a car crash settlement as a child. Too bad it all went to college credits that will end up dropping out of existence in about 2 years.
  12. I got money in the bank but the most cash i've physically had on me was around 800 bucks. I rarely carry more than 100 in cash though, keeps me from buying stupid shit 
    In between? lol You know, as in any of the 600 numbers separating the two numbers of 4700 and 5300.
  15. About 2500 in march or April, then I bought a Volvo. I have about 400 and continue to make more and more money, just started getting some spending habits, fast food, designer clothes. Now that my savings are less its easier to just do some dabs and do something outside!!! The new dune buggy also helps keep me from spending money to have fun;) I spent WAAYYY too much money this year I really wish I kept track, I bought like 800$ worth of glass, flat screen, landyachtz board, car and soooooo much wax. Now that I bought a buggy I realized that you have to buy the right thing to really entertain and satisfy you. Nothing is funner than that shit

    im just playing i thought it was a bit funny you explained it that deeply lol 
    you got a badass avatar though!!!
  17. In my hand? 3K  In the bank, 300k
  18. Pretty sure it was $4000. 
  19. Haha I can't say cuz of the NSA

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