what is the MINUMUM size a plant needs in SCROGging?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pokernaut, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. i have a small 4.5' X 4.5' grow room and want to SCROG in it because i plan on growing some stretchy sativas and maybe even some pure sativas. i've tried to ask this question before a long time ago in the now defunct overgrow forum and the only answer i got was "it depends"

    that's totally useless! i need to fit as many plants in the space as possible because i want to breed over a dozen varieties on 9 scrog tables.

    i don't care about yield that much really because this is a personal grow and i'm sure i can get enough to keep me going between harvests.

    bottom line, is it possible to fit 2 or more plants in an approximately 1 and 1/2 foot square scrog table with pruning?

    i already have 10 strains in my collection and want to add a few more for breeding with my C99 splash and after that, would also use the space to eventually test offspring and breed other strains.

    i need a simple YES or NO answer and NOT another "it depends".

    thank you in advance to any SCROGgers who can answer this question as i have never been able to find a minimum space requirement for a SCROGged plant.
  2. im sure you could make anything work. i am planning on a 1 or 2 plant scrog in a cabinet that i have. i made a screen that has roughly 2 square feet of surface area. if you have strong healthy plants, you can pretty much manipulate them to grow in any fashion you want.

    sorry for not giving a YES or NO...just an opinion.
  3. we dont know what your grow room looks like so really only you can answer that question. i dont think there is a specific size limit for scrog so if you can fit them than they fit, but otherwise i dont see how someone else can help you with that. but good luck:smoke:
  4. The categorical answer is yes, it can be done. The "it depends" part has to do with the straings and time they are left to veg and grow out (and also other environmental conditions -- nutes, lighting, soil vs. hydro, etc). Pure sativas will outgrow those tables in just a few short weeks of vegging.

    My suggestion is to try something less ambitious this time, see how you manage, and then push the envelope next time.
  5. OK, but what about "overlapping" sativas or pruning them back until they flower? i HATE indicas. that's the whole reason i want to go scrogging, so i can grow sativas.

    like i said, i don't care about yield, just getting every plant to flower and produce SOME bud. if a plant fills up a table, can't it be cut back or something?

    this is the grow room as per my original growroom thread.


    the green squares are scrog tables about 1.5 foot square

    it would REALLY frost my nads to find out i've wasted nearly $200 on kali mist, pure power plant, mixed sative and haze skunk beans that i can't even grow anyways.

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