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  1. Basically, Ive been looking to grow.... Ive checked for alot of places off my property, but none were what I was hoping for in terms of security, easy access, privacy, etc...

    So, I am a student who still lives at home. Would it be possible to make a mini-grow station for say 1 plant? How long does the plant need light for? Could I make it in a small station in my closet in the pics provided?


    ( around 1.5 feet, by 2 feet, by like 3 feet tall...)
    Basically, I think Im outta luck inside, lol. I will have to do it outside, but the problem is I have to walk up my woods where neighbors will start to get suspicious...

    How often does one need to tend to the crop ( Outdoor ) ? If it wasnt everyday, that would sure help alot...

    Thanks a bunch, and sorry for being a noob :(
  2. sometimes people just let their plants go and they grow on their own. it all depends on how fast and well you want your plants to grow. at most it would be every 3 days in the hottest part of summer. if you could go out there once a week you would be doing well.

    start your seeds indoors in that spot then after they are on their 3rd or 4th nodes then bring them outside for a couple hours then slowly bring them out over a week into full sunlight then transplant them in the ground.

    if you want more info read up or just ask i guess.
  3. Alright, I found a sweet spot up in my woods, pretty far up through. As I said, neihgbors can see me going back and forth...

    Ahh, it will have to do :)

    anyway, first they have to sprout :devious:
  4. as for neighbours, i do outdoor grows..work in the evenings, as the sun is setting and make sure you are wearing black. Never plant them close to eachother.. keep em scattered around, stumbling upon ONE plant usually doesnt trigger suspision, stumbling upon 5 or 10 sure does. I usually keep my plants 50 yards apart and try to limit how often you check up on them (max of 2 times per week)...curiosity kills the cat, and it will kill your grow too.. often visitation leaves track marks which causes people to go check it out...

  5. Thanks Flex, Also, I dont feel like making a new thread, but heres the question:

    Say, hypothetically, only one seed survived, and germinated, and sprouted. What sex should I hope for? If its male I can get more seeds out of it, jar some pollen, and have some crappy bud. But with female, I can get some nice bud, no seeds to grow anything else:(

    Either way, theres pros and cons
  6. i would never germinate one seed, hypothetically, every seed that germinates (cracks with a root) should sprout if planted properly, if you would like, i can post a guide on how to germinate and plant seeds properly to get a 100% germ.seed to sprout.

    Lemme know if this is something your interested in


  7. crappy bud? no, you'd have no bud, and you'd have no seeds unless you had a female too. you have to have a female and a male to get seeds. you could jar the pollen... but I don't know how long it will actually stay good for.
  8. thats definitly the case. if you are unaware, you are smoking the unpollinated female bud. thats why we kill the males right away, to keep the pollon from changing the BUD into a seed pod. The male will not produce any smokable bud, just small pollen sacks on the underside of the branch junctions.

  9. Ahh, alrighty. From what I head, Males produced the tiniest bit of crappy bud with little THC in it, and just a bunch of seeds.

    Flex, I would really like to see this guide.

    P.s., I should be picking up an eigth tonight to split with my friend while we go out somewhere, and I asked him to ask around for some bagseed, so hopefully I can practice...

    P.s.s. The reason I only have one seed, lol, is because thats all that I could get my hands on out of the bag ( lol, as you said, the weed in my area is pretty high quality, so no seeds much). I really wanna get some legit ones, but I have to read more about buying and whatnot. Plus, I have to learn first how to work with bagseed.

    Thanks again guys

  10. Nope, if you look at the male plant, they produce a small sac underneath the branch junctions (where the females would produce pestals to accept pollen). A male plant will produce NO bud sites (unless its a hermi...which is exceptionally rare..) and although they do have THC crystals on the leaves, the smoke is exceptionally harsh and burns the throat..

    Buds are produced by the female and turn to seed pods when fertilized so the males will be nothing but stems and leaves... no buds or seeds. I will post the guide ASAP

  11. next time you do it, try this

    take a damp piece of paper towel and put it on a dessert plate, sprinkle the seeds on it, and take TWO WET layers (warm) of paper towel and place it over top. Take clingwrap and make sure you have a 100% seeled layer over the towels. You should see condinsation forming later onn...thats the perfect enviornment. Place a second plate of equal size facing downwards on top of the cling wrap so it looks like a.....flying saucers? (lol!)... and put em on the fridge or by a baseboard heater...somewhere that is constantly warm.

    when you plant the seeds, take a pen and poke a TINY...i mean... the smallest dent in the world whole a gently place the seed (taproot down of course) in the whole.. the top of the seed should be exposed. then push a TINY amount of soil up AROUND the seed to secure it in place..the pointed top of the seed should still be exposed. then, clingwrap the top of the pot and bake it under your lights and overnight, you should have a full sprout in the morning.

    Humidity is of the essence, hence the clingwrap. with no word of a lie, if you do this correctly, you can go from ungerminated seed to a healthy 1 inch stem with immature leaves in 48 hours (or less, my last round was up in 24)

    hope this helps

  12. this is just my opinion but fuck growing outdoors sorry if I offended any outdoor growers but too me its just too risky indoor is more of a hastle to setup and cost more but once its up and running theres nowhere to go but up literally each grow is an advancement of your last grow plus its year round if you want some help on an indoor garden just PM me I'll hook you up with some sweet ideas:wave:
  13. i am by no means a die hard outdoor grower but the crop i am cycling now is outdoors. Whats the advantage of doing so? well, first off, you are dealing with the best grow lamp availible...the sun! your dealing with what mother nature intended and even with today's most expensive MH and HPS, nothing can re-create the spectrum offered by the sun. Secondly, its cheaper, no electrical out lays. Third of all, risky? well. maybe for the plants, but chances are if your plants get siezed, there is little to track them back to you (especially if you grow off property..ie, in the bush). Finally, the whole stealth advantage.. you dont have to worry about smell, and the fact that the plants get hella-large outdoors (4 foot+) and has massive yeilds is also a pleasent side effect.

    There are advantages of growing indoors (ability to control environmental factors and ability to speed the grow substanially) but i find a combination of the two is ideal. I personally love to start my little guys indoors, vegitate them to 12'' and then plant outdoors. Thats what i am currently doing with this grow and i seem to be having amazing sucess...

    Thats just my two cents :)

  14. Flex, That is exactly what I want to do.

    When they are little ones, they need much more care then when they have more nodes on them....

    Thus, I will need to care for it a little to begin with, so why not go the longest I can without my friends/family noticing ( 7-10 inches)

    this provides me with a better view of whats going on, and I dont need to hike into the woods everytime to check on them.
  15. thats why i do a hybrid method, plants are VERY vunerable in the immature stage. A bunny rabbet (although cute and cuddly :) LOL!) will do a serious number on that jucy 3 inch stem if you simply throw seeds in the bush and hope for something to grow. Also, plants at that size are very unforgiving to changes in climate and weather.. adding a plant with an established root base and that is a good size (10-12inches) to the wilderness will have a LOT better chance of surving the transplant and growing to a viable size

    Also, pre-sex all your plants before they go outdoors and try and cut as many clones as you can before planting outdoors. You only want to deal with females here, so having a good 10 or 12 plants (hypthetically) should allow 8-10 viable harvestable plants when it comes to that time..

  16. Flex, would you mind goin on AIM for a sec?

    Ive read about cloning and presexing, but I dont understan dit. It would be much easier to chat on there than back and forth here.

    S/N: ctcoyote16
  17. no problem bud, i need to download the client again.. i forgot my un/pw. i use msn personally, i will grab the aim client though, gimme 5 mins

  18. how much money do you want to invest into your grow? If you want to only START indoor, then you could go low with just a few shop light fluoros on them until a certain time. If you keep a fan on them and imitate the light cycle outdoors with the fluoros, then you will have less problems transplanting it outside.

    I have been trying to find out how low plants can grow and how much space and the smallest grow I found was on overgrow by a poster named MrE. He did something called microscrogging under his dorm captain's bed in a 1(l) x 1(w) x 1.75(h) foot cabinet. He used a carbon scrubber (two screens sandwiching activated carbon). A 75 watt security hps lamp with a self-constructed reflector over two plants in a tupperware container which had pvc piping coming up above it forming the frame for a net with some simple thin rope which held the plants down while the flowers came up. He yielded .80 oz. He lined the inside with mylar and had a false wall of cupboard handels on the outside.

    He had a seperate box for constant vegging of a mother plant from which he took clones. That box was about the size of a small micro fridge.

    I think initial costs for the guy must have been insane to figure it out because that kind of thing takes time to figure out.

    But yes, if you know what you're doing, FIM, LST, and eventually SCROG with a cheap security HPS light and a decent ventilation system, you can keep a grow THAT small. Technically, since you have a white interior closet. All you need to do is get an e-cono light 150 watt HPS light, mod it so the ballast is outside in its own box with a fan on it. Drill some holes into your light hood so you can screw some hooks into it. Then hang it from your clothes hanging dowel via some metal wire over a plant in the corner. The two corners would act as ok reflection and if you put a fan on it, you'd be good till bud. You could flower after about two months with a decent success rate and be on your way to getting maybe a little bit of bud by . . . august to novemeber depending.

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