What is the longest you have ever had a bong?

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  1. The longest I've ever kept one was my 2nd, Its name is Stan (From South Park) Yes I was high when i named it, and i was watching South Park lol!:bongin: I've had that one for over 3 years!!! And I PLAN to keep it for a long time!

    What is the longest you have ever kept one without breaking, or having it stolen?
  2. i've had my current one for about 1yr. i'm lookin to add a few more to my collection
  3. I guess the first beaker tube I had, lasted about two months before I sold it to a buddy who unfortunately damaged it, but did the right thing by paying. Respect him madly for that
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    probably a year at most- --- housemates n shit..
    now i live with my gf, though, so i def. think it's time to get a nice one for the casa.

    shortest : ::
    a half day. dropped it after a wicked shower session. ugh.
  5. for a bong? only about 10 months... it was no match for a drunk friend.
  6. Probably about 2 years..? For my second glass bong, I don't really like it though.
  7. Bought my first glass bong in 2003 and i still have it but it sees use maybe once per year, so just over 7 years.
  8. Just over 7 months. People like to kick my shit over when its right in front of them

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