What is the longest time you can go without visiting your babies?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stonednhappy, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone. I live in NE and Im quite confused... I have to go on a month long vacation from the end of june to the middle of july. Like the 20th to the 20th or somthing like that. I was thinking of doing a 10 plant lowryder grow or doing a non auto flower grow. If I was to not visit the plants durring the vacation would I come back to dead plants? Would it be possible to start the grow after I get back and just have smaller plants?
  2. If your growing them out side then you should be fine..... But if it dont rain and its real dry.... Then you gotta use a pump in a container big anuf to water them for a mounth and have it set to water them on a timer....
  3. Only real concern for that time of the year would be the rain, if it dosent rain much the plants wont grow as fast but they should be ok. I plan on planting in a wet area in the woods (good sun, few trees) just above the level where the soil is always moist and not visiting often. Strain will affect the way the plants handle drought so look into how your strain copes with drought if you can find the information.

    Edit: Ohh yea and the type of soil will affect how well water gets trapped or drains through, so keep that in mind.
  4. for me? its about 3 days MAX

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