What is the highest you ever been?

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  1. well obviously i want to know the highest you have ever been

    well highest i ever been was probably one saturday night with my friend gemma avery and matt. we just scored lots of shit off of some dude and we mixed it all together and made the dopest dope we ever smoked. so we all get fuckin blazed and we just sorta sat there saying amazing at everything, like my grandma who is cool with smoking said "i just ordered pizza for you lil stoners haha" so we all said amazing and went to the table lol and then it came, 5 boxes of pepperoni pizza which didnt stand a chance against us. we tore that shit up and than we went back to listening to bob marley music on the music channel that my grandma has... best night of my life
  2. Sounds good, but i cant stand sitting around while stoned. I have to have adventures, like just yesterday was the highest ive ever been and also the first time i ever smoked crippie...coincidence? Anyway me and a friend were walking around some random streets while smoking and everything looked sooooo cool, then it started raining which was (no other word for it) amazing! lol Then we ate the best stoner food ever invented...ever: Taco mutha fuckin Bell!! I could hardly order of course and the guy at the counter was like "how high are you buddy?" i just say "pretty damn" more happened but i dont remember enough to tell a story....
  3. sky high:smoking:
  4. prob the first time I did acid , or one time I drank 2 full bottles of vodka and trew up in my sleep
  5. i once ate a 3 gram brownie and then smoked a blunt of mango and was so i high that everything i saw was moving. everyone thought i was sleeping but i could hear everyone and the littlest sounds all at the same time. i eventually fell asleep for 13 hours and woke up still baked for the rest of the next day.
  6. 1st time of course...

    couldnt remember 1 second from the next, heart racing, body numb, just craziness, everything was like waking up from a dream and realizing you were dreaming...and that feeling over and over and over for like 6 hrs...haha

    good ol days
  7. i'm submitting this for a friend, just because it was ridiculous.

    friday night, me and some friends tripped acid at my place. it was cool, we dropped at 7 pm and had a bitchin time. afterward, we stayed up until 530 am talking about random shit, and at 4 am, one of my friends (p) decided that he was gonna smoke. a lot. he took 7 overfilled bowls, back-to-back - he's still kind of a novice smoker, too.

    at one point, my friend a started talking about how at one point, he was staring at the grate on my air conditioner and it started pulsating and morphing. ever the observant one, p says "that was the acid." a stared at him for a while, then said, "yes, p. it was the acid."

    finally, 530 hits and p has smoked himself dry. we all split up into different rooms, and p stays on my floor, mostly because he's too stoned to move. i was starting to go to sleep, and over the period of a couple minutes he started giggling to himself, and just as i was falling asleep to some residual closed-eye visuals, p says the all-time most stoned thing i've ever heard:

    "imagine wearing vomit-proof shoes... for money."
  8. right now haha
  9. dumb question..
  10. how so?
  11. uh smokin weed acid heroin cocaine lol i dunno its pretty self defined
  12. First time for me. I smoked .5 G of Silver out of a homemade gravity bong from by lifelong buddy Ry and got so incredibly stoned for about four hours. it was incredible, I listened to The Wall beginning to end and the sensation was like I was flying through the clouds and walking on water at the same time.
  13. Without a doubt, the highest I have ever been is the first time that I made brownies. After smoking a blunt, a friend and I just got the idea to make some one day, and we then proceeded to make some potent brownies, and the entire time we cooked and waited for them to bake, we smoked and ate a shit ton of batter. By the time they were ready to eat, we were pretty stoned. We had to try a brownie each, and by the time the batter and the brownies set it, we were DONZO. On another planet. Unable to move, lol.
  14. First time i ever tried blow, it was my 21st bday last month. I was also drunk on hennessy and 15 patron shots. When my cousin was giving me a ride home, i was talking about saving a village that was inhabited by gnomes and magic trees that talked and stuff lmao.....all in the head...
  15. The highest I've ever been was the first time I got high. We smoked two bowls of really good kush and started trippin out. My eyes were so red I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror, and I was just stumbling around and whatnot. I passed the fuck out and had the best six hours of sleep ever, complete with some crazy-ass dreams. I woke up extremely baked and proceeded to spend twenty dollars on food. My friend gave me a bowl for the road, which was really chill.

    I went home and smoked the bowl in my bathroom, and passed out in the bathtub with the bowl on my lap, the last thing I remember before falling asleep is flying around my room, giggling. Goddam I wish I could still get that high.:smoking:

    Apple pipes know where its at.

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