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What is the first thing you will do when weed is legal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Monstertoker, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Curious to see what ppl are gonna do.
    For me..... nothing is gonna be different... high all the time as it is :smoke:
  2. Buy out the nearest avondales with in a 500yard radius.
  3. weed friendly bars would be nice
  4. 1. Stop being a paranoid fuck.
    2. Grow my own.
  5. I will quit smoking weed. Ha just kidding. Everything will be the same except bud will be more available and convenient.
  6. First thing I will do is go to the highest roof top, shout and scream it loud and proud This stuff is GREAT It's the bee's knee's! :D
  7. I'll start growing and buy my first legal oz and roll a huge joint or blunt idk which one for sure but I'll celebrate that or I'll just smoke in front of a cop or both yeh I'll do both.
  8. Buy all the tools I would need for a microgrow.

    I feel like it would be a lot more gratifying to get blowed off something you crafted, you know? I mean, nature does 99% of the work (that is to say, I'm not crafting THC molecules from organic materials or anything like that), but still it's nice to know that you had a hand in it.
  9. 1. Go on my computer and order some awesome seeds.
    2. Go buy equipment to grow indoors.
    3. Clean out my basement to make room for growroom.
    4. Wait outside until the mailman comes with my seeds.
    5. Smoke.
  10. Grasscity will definetly become one of the most visited websites
  11. Open a restaurant that sells weed with your food :cool:
  12. I wonder if it will cost more or less once it's legal..
  13. It would cost less if it were legal, considerably less.
  14. Even with taxes and such?
    But it would be in more mass production, so I suppose it would be less. Haha
  15. LOL yep it would be and yeah even with taxes it be considerably lower taxes would be fairly high on it no pun intended :p but still cost would drop. You also have the fact that you can grow your own so there's cutting the cost big time after you get past the initial setup costs.
  16. I actually have plans for this.

    If weed's legalized within the next few years, I plan to be among the first people to open up a Cannabis Bar.

  17. "Alkeehol" is taxed too, but it's by far the cheapest drug out there (well, I guess maybe inhalants, but fuck those).
  18. it would b a shit ton less. even if u say a oz is 300 bucks. nothing that u can grow is 300 bucks an ounce. shit corn is like 300 bucks a ton haha. (prince of pot)
  19. Smoke outside the police station being as un-discreet as possible.
  20. You and a million others bro LOL!

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