what is the favorite drug you have ever taken?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Geeker420, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. i have been smoking weed almost every day for about 3 years now, and i have tried a few different things but i would have to say ecstasy was by far my favorite.

    whats your favorite drug
  2. oxycodone or hyrdomorphone, dont really know about the oxy any more tho made me itchy as fuck last time
  3. fryy mutha fukka!!!!
    its all about that sizzle sizzle
    acid has the gnarliest trips its bomb
    so is e
    my fav thing i ever done is candy flip!
    acid and e shits bombbbb
  4. acid, I think. Or mephadone. Or shrooms. Hmmmmmm
  5. sizzurp was pretty good. gotta try more drugs though.
  6. Oxycotin. Shit is bomb.
  7. Pure molly is where its at, no other feelin like that one.:D
  8. MDMA.

    too bad I cant take it as often as I smoke weed.

    and my fav may change since im shroomin on friday
  9. If u asked me a week ago id say E without question, with K close behind

    But i got to try shrooms, now i have a new leader, SHROOMS!!!!!!:D
  10. MUSHROOMS! Life changing experience for me, gotta love 'em.
  11. well acid has always been my favorite,but a couple of weeks ago i tried heroin and i have to say it was great,didn't shoot it tho i railed a couple of lines i felt so good,an after doing that i understand why people get so addicted to it.

    but i think acid will always be my favorite,just for the fact on how it makes me think,an how it alters my perception of reality,but in a good way,i always learn something new when i have a good acid trip and usually something i can use to my benefit

  12. haha what kind of cid? You ever seen this kind? I know its around your area

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  13. Shrooms by far. They take you on a 6 hour vacation in your mind what more could you ask.
  14. Probably Salvia, actually. It gives me the most bang for your buck (well not really, i pay out my ass for that stuff). But, still, a pinch of that stuff and you're balls-to-the-wall tripping :D

  15. lol ya ive had blotters like that before.are you from around hear?
  16. Hmm.... i think i might go with codeine or pot.

    I've rolled around 5-7 times and each time i usually take a lot...the problem is that i always feel extremely guilt and sad before the pill kicks in, and then once it kicks in it is SO great i feel even more guilty that i would get addicted, and then the comedown is horrible.

    I tried codeine today for the 2nd time( 1st time was 30mg, today i tried 120mg), took a hit of some weed and needless to say i was feeling GREAT.

    What i loved about it was i felt really good, and if i closed my eyes i felt even better, but it was nodding out on my control i could of kept my eyes open if i wanted it wasn't forced.

    Although i had a slight itch for maybe 15 minutes of the trip and for some reason i couldnt really feel my breathing and i had to consiously(sp) breath which kinda sucked, luckily this went away after about 30 minutes(and to be honest i knew i WAS breathing so i just ignored it).
  17. '

    Use to be from Fort Myers but I went to Tampa/Orlando/Miami/ few other cities on the regular.
  18. acid, then shrooms.
  19. tru tru,thats cool man,i just moved here from rhode island and i have to say its pretty fuckin cool down here

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