what is the fastest way to grow?

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  1. what is the fastest way to grow? i was gonna try the aerogarden out so i dont fuck anything up.
  2. sprint to airport jump on personal jet,fly to amsterdam,rent ferarri and do 120 to the nearest seedbank.germinate your seeds on the spot and by the time you get home theyll be sprouting!then inject the plants with NOS!!
  3. what do you mean by fastest, like the fastest growth rate?
  4. yes fastest growth rate. and i meant like indor w/ a lights, or maybe aerogarden, or outdoor, or indoor then outdoor.
  5. depends
    #1 if your area is known to have power cuts then aero is out
    watering unit will fail and roots will dry once that happens , you know the rest

    #2 if your backyard gets less then 5 hours of solid sun then outdoor growing is out
    no sun , no fun ( more sun the better )

    #3 flood and drain is pretty much the same as #1

    #4 indoor growing
    using coco medium , perlite and clay pellets mixed in a 1 metre x 1 metre pot
    with 4 x 400watt HPS lights to 1 plant
    would probably be the best and most rewarding way to grow with minimal risks
    although preferable air ventilation will be required depending size of grow room

    this is a setup im using at the moment and im pulling off 3 pound per plant
    ( although training the plant is required )
    as for the power cuts , the soil your using retains water so there is less chance in losing your crop
    my theory is , would your misses rather the satisfaction out of a quicky or the satisfaction out of a long hard fuck ? 1 for you to answer
  6. it takes three months minimum to grow..thats just what it takes!
  7. jeezus christ 1600watts dedicated to one plant? how long does it takes to grow it to get 2-3 pounds?
  8. On one plant indoors? You don´t !!!!
  9. 1600 watts and 3 pounds? Talk about a long veg period.

    Hydro can can reduce your bloom time a bit as well as increase your yield a bit, however it is much less forgiving than soil.. If this is your first grow, keep it simple. Buy a pro-mix soil and some decent nutrients. You must learn to crawl before you can walk.
  10. thanks for all the help, i should have plenty f ventalation in the attic, and i think i'm just gonna do it w/ lights and pots intead of the aerogarden.
  11. the key to gaining a larger yield is the tie down method ( training )
    1600watts is perfect for this style in growing
    but you need a large pot to do this my pot is 1metre x 1metre x 1metre
    it roughly takes 4-5 months instead of 3-4 months
  12. mate just use the pots w/lights its by far more simple
    do an experiment , grow using the tie down method in a 1metre x 1metre x 1metre pot
    and grow another as per normal
    you'll see what i mean by my last message i sent
    the key to growing huge is determined by the size the root system and how much light your plants store , you wont be disappointed in the end result's
    doing it this way LESS plants = MORE yield
  13. Well, I think you could grow TWO plants in that 1x1x1m box and still get 2-3 pounds in less time.

    They might grow smaller, but their COMBINED growth is faster than one plant.
  14. Eat your vegetables and drink lots of milk

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