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what is the farthest distance you'd travel for good bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Thepreppytoker, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. My main connect lives in the town where my college is and I like to make day trips for get bud... It's an hour and 45 minutes away. Is this acceptable? I don't mind doing it, he's a friend regardless if he has bud or not.

    What are y'all's opinions?
  2. to my basement but ya man thats a fine distance if your friends have him at your place some times also
  3. To get good stuff I'd usually travel 20-25 miles to meet and old friend from school. I wouldn't normally go that far to buy off a dealer though unless I was stuck for some
  4. if you dont mind doing it then it is acceptable if you mind doing it then its not
  5. One time me and my friends ended up going an hour(walking) just for an 8th that got almost all the way smoked through in a session. Didnt even get to see the kid scale it out. But I guess ill go that far...
  6. If you're going that far you should at least buy 2 ounces every time you go.
  7. The last dry spell that hit my area forced me to drive an hour to the Pittsburgh area to find a quarter of some purp. Well worth it because I followed a stripper bus home haha
  8. I drive 2 hours round trip every 2-3 weeks for my 55-100 1/4..

  9. I guess driving that far is fine if it doesn't bother you, how much do you usually pick up?
  10. 10 minutes, now waiting on my dealer to show up is another story lol.
  11. On occasion I'll make an hour drive for bud, aint so bad.
  12. I'm taking threw buses to get some bud tomorrow. Better be worth it.
  13. Yea, if you don't mind going that far, no problem. Personally, I'd drive that far if I needed but I wouldn't buy less than an 1/8. Preferably, half oz or more.

    My guy lives about 45 minutes from me, but that's right by where I work. So, usually I try to pick up before/after work so it's convenient. Sometimes it doesn't work out though, but I don't mind a 45 min drive. I usually buy a half oz.
  14. Id make a long drive to buy an ounce or more, otherwise i dont think it would be worth it
  15. used to make weekly trips to Denver, 700+ miles. did that for a good four months
  16. I'd travel all the way to OP's mums house for some quality dank ;) or maybe even a bit of that mexican brick weed
  17. It's never a bad thing to travel for bus when it involves seeing a friend you don't see often and getting a nice road trip out of it or a nice smoke ride.

    I don't do it all the time but being so close to Pittsburgh, that's the farthest I'd ever have to go.

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