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What is the easiest pipe to use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Boothy93, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I'm very new to the wonderful world of marijuana and have only ever smoked a spliff before, however, I'm thinking of investing in a pipe. I've had a look on EDIT ans found that there are lots of designs. Are there any designs that are easier to use than others? Also, is there a technique from smoking from a pipe? And, how much weed (in grams) would I need to put in the pipe in order to get high considering I have smoked once in my life. Thanks!
  2. a pipe with no carb would be the easiest i suppose but its not hard to work the carb. go get a nice glass spoon, it will serve you well :)

    edit - i don't think you could fit a whole gram in a bowl piece, but i would just fill it up and go from there haha.
  3. a spoon would be best. you can get high with wayyyy less than a gram
  4. for your first piece i suggest just getting a simple spoon. Theres no need to get anything fancy as youre just getting in to it. Van kleur veranderend glas - Pijpen - Dutch -
    Thats a list of spoons, Id go for one of those for your first one.

    Also, it shouldnt even take you a gram to get high with a spoon.
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    in grams? a good bowl is like .15 for me most of the time. So out of one gram someone should get about 6-7 bowls if they smoke it right.
  6. I dont have loads of experience.

    But this pipe I have is amazing. cost me £7.

    I can easily get high from 0.1g 20 times with my low tolerance, so 0.05 g, hopefully.

    seriously, keep it light. Low tolerance is amazing. I've smoked loads, and don't get much higher after triple that.
  7. Thanks everyone for the quick replies!!

    Simple Spoon Pipe - Streaks - Online Shop

    Would something like that be OK?

    Wow, sounds like a lot less than a gram will get me high then! I'm getting about 1/10 of an ounce, which is equal to about 2.8 grams, for £10 this week hopefully so I'll be having a good weekend!

  8. Id buy any pipe with a carb hole. without a carb hole you get stale smoke and no one wants that. and make sure you get cleaning supplies or know how to clean it because pipes filled with resin are really nasty. And i would pack the bowl almost to the top but youll probably be too high too finish it. And dont throw it away if you dont finish the bowl. you can save it for one or two days. I would start of with like 2 grams.
    Happy Tokin'!! :wave:

  9. you really are new...

    but yes something like that should work, and don't fret if you don't get high as balls using it your first time because you'll be distracted with how to use it probably.
  10. I have a very low tolerance, and I've been puffing on this gram every night for about a week and it's only maybe halfway gone, so you should be fine.

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