what is the diffrence in using CFL lights and exspensive growing lights?

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  1. what is the difference in the plant when spending the extra money for professional lights..? rather then using CFL's
  2. there are quite a few but main points are CFL's produce a fraction of the heat(& cost) that HPS/MH does but they dont have very good light penertration so need to be placed within inches of the plant, i beleive it's the better light penertration(from HPS/MH) that helps produce larger yeilds & denser buds
  3. oh so if i want 2 go energy saving stay away from HPS?
  4. yea if u want to be energy saving, ive only grown with CFL's but i think they are starting to make HPS/MH ballasts that are more 'energy efficient' but if u had a HPS light you could couneract the increase in power bill, simple things such as replacing all bulbs in ur house with energy savers(not just that) etc things like that so u dont even notice the HPS on ur bill if u get where im comin from
  5. well is it worth doing more work for that ? what are the benifits for HPS does it grow any faster
  6. More, and denser bud.

    CFL lights do NOT give off less heat if you compare watt for watt, they give off less light and more heat for the same energy.

    That said, they are available in much smaller sizes, so you can use them in a tiny space that would just cook with even a small HID.
  7. well were gona grow like 2 containers worth like the big storage ones stacked on eachother so like 6 plants mayby.. would CFL work or would i be better off getting HPS or w.e
  8. CFL is good if you have a very small space to work with, need to be incredibly stealthy, or if you have a really really tiny budget.

    If you plan on growing full size plants, you will almost certainly be better off with HID lights.

    Maybe describe the containers you are talking about to get some more detailed suggestions?
  9. IF you want foolproof dense nugs, and you plan on growing 6 plants get a 600 watt HPS. At the minimum a 400 watt HPS. You can do with CFL's, but with 6 plants you're going to need a whole lot of CFL's.
  10. If you're gonna use the big rubbbermaid containers, go with CFL.

    An HID would cook not only the plants in that small space but the plastic containers as well. Plus I don't think you could hang a 10lb ballast in a rubbermaid very well (that is, if you go for the cheapest HPS...150w self ballast). Even going with a remote ballast in that space would be tricky, like I said, it would fry the contents of the bins.
  11. I guess I'm confused I was assuming you meant you were using the rubbermaid pots for a hydro system. If you plan on growing inside of them, go with the CFLs.
  12. hps is the way to go =]
  13. Yeah, he said "stacked on eachother" so I assumed he'd be inside of them. There are a lot of journals here which involve that kind of setup.

    OP, get in here and clear this up! :D

    Bottom line...small space = CFL...larger space = HID
  14. yes iw as going 2 connect the 2 stacked together so i could grow the buds taller then 2 feet
  15. how much would a 400w HPS light add to my bill ?a month if i used it for 4 plants.
  16. Depends on what your elec. company charges...maybe $20-40 a month?

    So you're inside the rubbermaids? If so, don't bother with an HPS. Seriously.
  17. yeah im gona use the other florescent kind.. how much bud do you think i could grow in 2 normal sized storage containers stacked on top of each other made into 1 tall one?i have like 3 and a half months or 4

  18. Um, 1g - 2oz.

    No way to determine that until you are well into flowering. Sorry. It's ALL dependent upon how the stuff is grown, the strain/phenotype, lights, etc etc etc......
  19. yeah , well could i get away with using CFl's for the entire grow?

  20. Yes.

    Switch out the light spectrum between stages.

    Meaning, use 6500K (DAYLIGHT) CFLs for VEG and 2700K (SOFT WHITE) CFLs for FLOWER. You can mix in order to get the maximum wattage, it just tends to work out better if you have more of one type for each stage. Plants like low spectrum light for flower, high spectrum light for veg.

    Check out some of the journals here. Some folks get some phenomenal results from nothing but CFLs

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