what is the difference in these blueberry seeds

Discussion in 'General' started by doindia, Sep 4, 2007.

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  2. you can see the varying prices om the two links. one is a feminized back and the other is just regular seeds. for info on feminized seeds, just do a search.
  3. yeah i mean i know what a feminized seed is i just didnt know if they were 10 fem seeds or just 10 blueberry seeds.

    and the one that says 5 x fem, how many of them are fem seeds?

    im just trying to buy 10 feminized seeds, and i see some say 100% guarenteed fem, i didnt see that on those so i was thinking some might be males
  4. Hey there bud,

    fem x5 means that there are five seeds in the package and they are 99% female.

  5. thats exactly what i was thinking, thanks for the peace of mind, also what i was thinking was. dont they usually always sell in 10's does that mean there are 5 males, with those 5 females? or is it just a total of 5 seeds?

    thanks again for any help, sorry if its a shitty or hard to read question, i love to complicate things for some unknown reason ill never understand.

    thanks for bearing with me

    do dia

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