what is the difference between hemp seeds and cannabis seeds

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  1. hi its the seeds am asking about i wanna know what the difference is i have a load of seeds 100s of them and i wanna know if they are cannabis or just hemp how can i tell????

    they look like cannabis seeds but am really not sure what they are please tell me if theres any shape size or color difference?????

    ive heard alsorts about "hemp is the male plant hemp is the cannabis strain with the least amount THC smoking hemp makes us sick"

    for a start how the hell can 100% of the seeds from a mother plant be male and last year i had 3 northerm lights 2 of them where male 1 of them was female they all came from the same mother plant so i dont know where they get this idea from

    i have already googled "what is the difference between hemp seeds and cannabis seeds" but its just telling me the difference in the plants not the seeds its the actual seeds i wanna know about

    heres a photo of a few of them

    (please make the image bigger if you know how? i dont have a clue somebody did it with my grow room photos so am sure you can do it with this photo i just dont know how to do it)

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  2. no way of knowing till you grow them.. they basically all look the same..
  3. i just hope am not wasting my time not to mention the electric am using for my 400w HPS i have a few thats just sprouted hopefully i get some bud to get stoned with not selling it like thats what they call bad karma no way am i selling or stealing electric fook that
  4. where did you get the seeds? I would have a harder time getting hemp seeds than the good seeds :smoking:
  5. Dude ,then just get normal seeds....
  6. i got them giving coz apparently none of them worked ha ha yes they do the person that give me them must not have the faintest idea on how to set them away

    thing is with these seeds say you try to germinate 30 seeds only 4 out of the 30 will grow the rest do nothing at all they must be bad seeds or they been treated something like that i now have 10 babys i most have germinated at least 70 seeds just to get 10 plants and they take ages to germinate too 1 week if am lucky but usually takes 2 weeks thats a long time in my book

    but as i say some to work i have 10 babys, by the way i really do have lots of seeds in this snap bag there must be 600 seeds but again only 200 of them will work
  7. They may just be old..
  8. you could be right ive had them since last year so who knows how old they are but at least they green and growing watch the bloody skunk will taste horrible
  9. you never know till you grow them.. you may have a real treat..:smoke:
  10. ive hard so much trouble starting them off im deffo gonna see what i get

    they do look very much like the seeds i find in my skunk so they deffo something
    hey ya never know the THC might be stronger since they mature seeds
  11. Just do not get it... Why would waste your time? You know that seeds are crap, you now even if they germinate most likely you will end up with crap...Are you that broke so you cant find $40 to get good seeds?
  12. yes am broke not everybody on the plant are lucky i am poor struggling to pay for house bills i can only afford one £20 bag of weed 1.7 grams it last me 2 days then i gotta wait again for 2 weeks every body else is smoking everyday am not i have a hard life i need weed to mellow it all out so yes am fucked up :confused:
  13. don't worry about what others say.. grow your seeds and be happy..

    when I moved to Arkansas I had nothing. no seeds, no weed and no way of getting either.. a cousin came to visit me and I asked him about seeds. the only seeds he had was in the carpet of his car.. they grew out to be fine weed.. not the best or anything but it gave me smoke and I was happy.. :)
  14. i can see where ya coming from there it cool that you got something to smoke i hope these seeds are at least something to feel good as another person sed i might get a suprise
  15. I think they might be hemp seeds, my uncle keeps taking a load out of bird seed saying theyll grow into really good plants but Im sure because theyre hemp seeds the genetics are to have virtually no THC so the bud they make is essentially crap. Ive got hundreds of them. My dad planted about 100 or so in a pot and like 4 came up because where theyre in bird seed I think they treat them to stop them from growing but obviously a few get through, because if you break open on of these seeds they have like black dry crap inside them rather than a little while flesh thing.
  16. Lol sorry, just noticed how old this thread is . . . How did they turn out?

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