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  1. the drunk thread willl nevaa diee
  2. But the people in it might :p
  3. because alcohol is disgusting and if you drink too much you get sick or die. what happens if you smoke too much? if thats even possible? oh yeah, you just get really high.
  4. volume and depth of experience, interaction with many different groups of people. in my experience, most people that smoke all day long are lazy. and end up sitting around, getting stoned instead of going out and doing shit. there are other groups of people that will play sports high, go frolfing, go to the movies, shit like that. but i'm speaking about the majority.

    and, as for the hangover argument....have any of you took a long t-break, smoke a ton that day/night and wake up with a killer headache? that's a hangover. you get them from smoking weed too.....

    if you drink every weekend, especially at a prime age hangovers are non-existent. just like if you smoke weed all the time......your body adapts to the substance. you'll start to wake up with an early morning buzz going, and then you're like "hey guys, lets smoke a couple bowls and go to breakfast". and it's fucking awesome.

    it's just clear that the people going "awww alcohol is the devil", and are advocating weed as a replacement just haven't exactly experienced much of it. they must not understand that marijuana is a depressant, and alcohol is a stimulant, you just can't compare them. it doesn't work.

    and sure, some people are drunks. just like some people are stoners, crack addicts....blah blah blah.....you get the picture. and being an alcoholic doesn't even make someone an asshole.....some people are just mean drunks. and it's their personality at fault, not the substance on its own.

    and lastly, the "it's safer"............what's the fun in padding the world?? it sounds fucking stupid. you can die at any moment, that's the point. alcohol doesn't kill people, irresponsible people kill people.

  5. Oh no man, im not arguing against the use of alcohol... im just saying by nature its (cannabis) safer, and due to the numerous amount of stupid people out there, alcohol can be a dangerous affair... ive never personally had much bad happen drinking... some fights with friends that ended with laughs n shit... you know haha. Its not like i dont drink, its not like that at ALL hahahahaha. I was just saying, people CAN have as much fun high, as drunk, but not all will... you know man

  6. are you serious right now?

  7. yea i do see a flaw in there as well, alcohol is a strong depressant hahahaha

    Cannabis doesnt slow the function of the central nervous system.... the cannabinoids act as a replacement neurotransmitter for anandimide, the one that naturally crosses the neuron in cannabinoid receptors haha

    Alcohol hinders activity, cannabis alters the natural function of certain neuro-receptors in the brain.... Alcohol swells the frontal lobe as well as other portions of the brain, cannabis doesnt change blood flow to the brain unless your heart has issues and the increase in blood pressure fucks you up some how.... Alcohol deteriorates cell function... cannabis increases (some, not all types) cell reproduction.... and corrects lots of odd cell over-reproductions...

    The argument that cannabis is healthier doesnt really even need to be touched.... it is, by far healthier and safer.... but thats doesnt mean alcohol is the devil... sure, it has addictive properties, sure you can get all sorts of fucked from it, but thats at your own accord usually.... your own choices lead to that....
  8. ^what he said is why weeds>alcohol
    im not tryna get fuxxed up and have the brain power of a downs kid, im just trying to alter my current brain power into a high state

  9. if you really believe that smoking weed will make you smarter on its own, then go for it. see how that works out for you. and if you believe that if you indulge in alcoholic beverages it will make you dumber, then obviously you need to smoke more..

  10. Alcohol can completely destroy your brain, you CAN actually become stupid as fuck from drinking it. And they didnt say they are smoke weed assuming it will make them smarter lol, you're putting words in their post they said they are altering brain function into a HIGH state, not a HIGHER state of thinking, the high state, would be the "high".... Weed doesnt make you stupid, stupid people just happen to smoke weed and do stupid things, but you know, so do people with alcohol...

    But like i said, i drink still... im not going to say DONT DRINK ALCOHOL OMG OMG... but i will say, too much, and you lose the game, too much weed, you pass the fuck out and wake up hungry.

    And for your hangover argument... the hangover from bud is usually just a leftover high.... the hangover from alcohol is the alcohol converting into all sorts of toxic shit in your body and you having a slow time filtering it out with your kidneys/liver. Huge difference.....

    Now... to say either will make you dumber in moderated use is just flat out false.... but of couse if you were to drink too much, yes, you could, if you spend so much time getting high you missed out on learning things and fucked your education, yea, you probably arent the brightest bulb, but that was you, having a lack of motivation... thats your personal ways... alcohol, has the same effects on everyone.... Blood thinning, brain swelling, cell destroying liquid... but, thats still not to say its going to be an instant killer or kill you at all lol..... I dont hate alcohol, but i hate what it can do to you if you lose control
  11. :laughing:lol

    alcohol is poison. : l
  12. yah, but you're posts are giving people the wrong idea. you're talking one extreme (long term over-indulgence), and the people here are perceiving it as the other extreme (if i drink at all, it will give me down-syndrome).

    all in all though, i think we've reached an understanding.
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    i was gonna point out how you fail at reading but thats probably not your fault, moreso the education system. and then sirsog did it for me sooo...
  14. yea thats why i try to clarify im not saying i hate on alcohol, or that it will kill you. But the chances it will, are 100 fold higher than cannabis.... Knowing the power of what you consume is the key to not letting it consume you.
  15. OP I'm sorry, I usually only have to say this to people who don't smoke weed. Please educate yourself on the substances you use.
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    not even gonna do it....

    yeah, and i was never arguing that marijuana isn't safer...it's undeniable. really the only point i was trying to make is that the comparison between the two isn't needed. there's just no point. i just think they're two different animals entirely. and to be honest, i was just getting tired of the marijuana elitists on here who think it's the answer to all their problems. i see that attitude a lot on here. some of these people act as if it defines them, or makes them better than people who don't smoke, and that's just bull shit. i've been smoking for about 8 years, i just don't see how people get off thinking that marijuana has some significant impact on who they are as a person, just because they like to get high....

    EDIT: ahem.....^

    thanks godson.

  17. I agree man.... while i would say maybe some people have good reason to dislike alcohol on a personal level... to say its going to ruin lives and shit... isnt true.. it does yes... but... so can losing a job... so thats all relative...

    And also, i agree on another point haha, marijuana may not necessarily have an impact on who you are, but who you are will greatly impact how marijuana will treat you hahahaha. If your already a lazy, unmotivated, selfish person... it probably wont help you change any of that, unless you were already willing.... but also if you are an athletic health nut, it wont change that, if you dont want it to hahahahaha. Same with alcohol, if you already have an addictive personality, or are depressed, or otherwise emotionally unstable, its not going to bring much good, but if your a happy camper, it wont make you depressed necessarily... both of them have 2 sides of the coin... both can have negative effects personally on anyone, and both can have neutral effects personally on anyone.... Its all about YOU and how YOU are.... people often forget that

  18. true words, true words..

  19. You gotta understand that not everybody likes weed. So many people try it a few times, and dont like it. Some people drink alcohol a few times and dont like it. Same with cigarettes, dip, and all that shit.

    People are always gonna use substances to alter their emotions, for better or worse.

    Now when someone finds a drug that fits their personality and lifestyle, they are going to stick with it.

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