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  1. with people advocating how much better marijuana is than alcohol as of late?
  2. It's not just as of late.

    Did you happen to notice you're on a marijuana forum?
  3. No, I completely missed the fact that this was a marijuana forum but thank you for pointing it out.

    Don't see the point in bashing alcohol though.
  4. Because people like to assume alcohol goes around and kills people, not that people choose to drink it. Lol

    Ill say any day, the use of cannabis vs alcohol, cannabis is HEALTHIER in general.... but thats not to say if you drink 1 beer in your life you become less healthy than the dude that smokes 15 blunts every day.... Its people ignoring a lot of factors hahahahha
  5. 1. because they're socially inept jackasses who would rather spread irrational hatred towards a substance that revolves around social function, rather than come to terms with their own disadvantages.

    2. preference, sort of a "nationalistic" pride for marijuana, and therefore a prejudice for alcohol.

    3. bias. perhaps someone close to them died tragically while inebriated.

    4. they're just dumb kids without direction looking for "acceptance" from their peers.
  6. 5. self justification
    6. being sober
  7. I've noticed a lot of alcohol hate lately also. I know most people on this forum aren't ignorant about alcohol but when I see people say alcohol is the worst thing for you in the world but see nothing wrong health wise with smoking all day, everday it makes me laugh.
  8. this forum is full of stupid threads and uninteresting replies. idk why i bother to read this garbage anymore.
  9. I predict the increase in alcohol hate is caused by the decrease in students in school for summer, and the increase in drinking, increasing the amount of irresponsible people drinking, increasing the number of deaths caused by alcohol, increasing the amount of media hating on it, which translates back to here
  10. Cannabis= Medicine

    Alcohol= Medicine


    MDMA= Medicine

    Psylocibin= Medicine

    Abuse= Failure
  11. I came here to say, it's really all about self control, too much of a lot of things can can you.
  12. People on a cannabis forum prefer cannabis to alcohol? No fucking way.
  13. I personally don't like to drink very often. After a night of drinking, I feel weaker (which is a major problem because I'm a huge exercise addict), dumber (also a problem because I'm starting college as a Physics major in August), and usually hung over.

    After a night of smoking, I feel none of the above.

    I don't like alcohol because it impairs my brain, my muscles, and my penis (my three favorite body parts). I drink every once in a while, and I'm definitely not a complete anti-alcohol activist. But let's just say I'd prefer bud to alcohol ANY day.
  14. because alcohol sucks and its horrible for u stupid have you ever read a study comparing the dangers of both? cannabis is notable for being safe and compared to alcohol very safe
  15. consumption of alcohol potentially leads to death or injury.

  16. Being born is guaranteed to lead to death or injury, it happens all the time though ;)
  17. Because it IS better than alcohol.

    Not hating on the drank though, I get drunk every now and then, but nearly as much as I smoke.
  18. i disagree. you can't have nearly as good a time sitting around smoking bud than you could drinking. i just don't get it. maybe because i'm irish?? maybe because i went to a party school??

    who knows. but you guys are wack. weed isn't all that great. it's more of a "i worked my ass off, it's time for a toke" type of thing. it's not a "let loose, have a blast" type of thing.
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    Having a good time isnt a universal standard... each person has their own unique way of having a good time lol

    and i dunno about you... i have tons of fun doing plenty of things high with friends, its the lazy stoners misconception that you have to just sit around and smoke... wtf are you talking about ahahhahahahahaha

    and we are whack? Weed for me isnt just a "time to let loose" thing or a "just got of work" thing.... for me its an any time of day thing... i can function doing anything high... but thats me... and its also my medicine... had severe migraines after a concussion at age 12, started toking at 15, havent had a weekly migraine since i was 15, i still get them, but i used to get 50+ a year... now its 2-3....

    You arent everyone, why did you act like what you do is the standard lol.....
  20. I can smoke constantly all night and have no repercussions the next day. If I drink Im hung over and sick and feel like shit. End of story. Alcohol should be illegal and pot should be legal. My brother in law died because he was an alchy and my step father is a raging douche bag 60% of the time because of alcohol. Ive heard meth addicts say quitting alcohol is harder than dope. anyways my opnion and opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

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