What is the deal with molasses?

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  1. Up until just recently I have been using sugar daddy by technaflora fertilizers And the rest of their line. I haven't been able to re up on the sugar daddy and was wondering Does molasses do the same thing? The label on the sugar daddy says that it contains magnesium at 1.5 percent and sulfur at 1.7. I've recently heard that you had to buy the unsulphered molasses in order to do this. What I'm wondering is how much molasses per 1 gallon of water is recommended. and can I add more molasses to a gallon of water to make it work better? Like the last week of flowering. The label on the black strap molasses basically says the same thing that the sugar daddy bottle does except for the sulphur. Any help would really be appreciated right now because I am venturing into unchartered territory here. Thanks
  2. You pretty much answered your own question. How much does the sugar daddy cost you? How much is the molassess at your local grocery store? The labels basically read the same minus the sulpher content on the UNSULPHERED molassess. How much sulfar is in the SULPHERED molassess? For the most part, they would basically have the same pupose of feeding sugars to your micro-organisms in the soil to pass on to the plant. One has a funky jazzed up label, the other doesnt. Good luck and have fun with your grow!!
  3. I swear I just answered this in another section, lol
    Molasses is sugar. Only use sugar during flush, a la 'Clearex', .5-1g/gallon. There aren't enough micronutrients in it to be worth noting, nevermind for the price. If you need micros, use micros!

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