What is the creepiest thing you have ever experienced?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ricehunter, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. Aww I just typed this huge, long story (and got myself all freaked out typing it) and it didn't fuckin post, so here we go again...

    I lived in a sorority house a few years ago. There were 2 rooms, connected by a hallway, with a living room in the middle. My room had me and 2 roommates living in it. So, my roommate (she was a little bit crazy, and claimed to have taken a lot of tylenol this night) woke up at night and my computer was on. (it would stay on for like, a half-hour, then the screen would go black)...so it was illuminating the room. She was in a bunk bed and looked down to the floor in front of my computer desk to see a little girl wearing old-fashioned white clothes staring up at her...not even blinking. Just staring at her.

    I blamed this story on her taking too much medicine and shit...I hate creepy shit like this and didn't want to get all freaked out.

    Like, a week later, we were chillin with other people in the house and I said something like, "hey amanda, did you tell anyone about that girl you saw?" and before Amanda could tell her story, Brittany, a girl who lived at the other end of the house, told her story:

    She woke up early and needed to blow dry her hair, so she went out in the hall so that she wouldn't wake up her roommate. Across the hall, right in front of my room, she saw a little girl wearing white old-fashioned clothes, holding a flashlight.

    Brittany thought that this girl was like, a retarded kid that the school hired to clean the dorms or something like that and didn't think anything of it until now.

    But the school doesn't have retarded kids cleaning the dorms.

    I really didn't want to believe these 2 stories...I haate this kinda shit. Of course, it all happened at the beginning of the school year, so I had to spend the rest of my nights that year sleeping with the light on.
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    i'm not one to call bull shit on things but come on, man. look at the way you ended that fairy tale. you didn't even try anymore, didn't even care to make up what he looked like and made it a happy ending with no police involvement so wouldn't have to prove anything. just feels like an insult even suggesting this is real.

    this is just an extreme case of stoner paranoia i guess but when me and my friend chris were 15, we snuck into this old part of a train down by "the mill" in my town. which is just this old ass run down mill where close by was the front two compartments of an old ass train on dipsplay.
    a few bong loads each in, we both hear foot steps walking around outside close by. we get really quiet for a while and it sounds like he's whispering, then walks away. we figured that's a good sign to pack it up and as we are doing so we hear what sounds like some car doors shutting directly next to the train, and it's far enough off that no car should be so close. we start mad panicking and thinking it's the fuzz and start whipping fingerprints off the bong and hiding the rest of our stash and sit in the silence for honestly at least 20 minutes. we were convinced they were just waiting for us to come out and bust our ass. we eventually come out, tail between our legs, and find nobody around at all but we both heard all these sounds so clearly.

    a couple years later, with the same friend, we had just smoked some of the best shit we had ever had and were just sitting down the river not too far from the mill and train i was just talking about. we were sitting at the bottom of this hill that's just a big garden the town had made and we were on the cement border of it. we were just sitting and talking when we hear something small but VERRY fast scurrying down the hill through the flowers and shit behind us, coming ast us. it was really surreal because we both just jumped up faster than i'd ever seen or done and looked to where the noise was coming from, then to each other, both very confused with a "did that just actually happen" expression on our faces but there was nothing there at all. it was dark but we investigated and surely there was nothing there but we both just jumped up at the same time, mid conversation, knowing something had tried to get us.

  3. OR MAYBE Ghosts from Highschool Musical! D:
  4. Among other things... It told me it was going to torture the people I love until they begged for death, longed for death, and that it would happen when I least expected it. I know it sounds unbelievable, but I will never forget it. And I will always wonder if today's gonna be the day. Even though I know it's not real.
  5. i seen some crazy shit. but usally on the big L. but last night freaked me out. im sittin on my porch smokin some purp wen all of the sudden i hear this fuckin loud ass shaking noise comin from the distance. i coulda sworn an earthquake was goin on. i thought maybe it was a plane flyin low either takin off or landin from the PHI airport but no planes i can see. dunno what it was but it got really really loud then stopped outta no where. not gonna lie i was expecting the ground to start shakin and shit.
  6. okay. i just red about the dude with the sleep paralysis and i to have a story.

    so i had really bad insomnia for a while. weed didnt even help. so i took a few sleepin pills cant remeber what they were. but i had never really taken sleepin pills b4. so alls goin well fell asleep around midnight. then i wake up facin my walls. i can open my eyes but i cannot move anything. my arms, legs, fingers, head, etc. im layin there staring at a wall freakin out in my head. its pitch black and i start hearin noises. so im like alright its just shit out side like squrills and leaves(it was fall) and then i hear a faint voice. i then start pretty much screamin in my head. i have to move. my computers screen saver turns off and comes back to the original like log in screen. i think see it turn off completly. i hear it turn off. im thinkin to my self alright fuck this. i try to move my arm nothin. it feels like im in a peanut shell. i then am like fuck this once again. so i start tryna move every part of my body and start screamin in my head. like a strong man scream liftin some insane amount of weight and my arm moves and my scream is now out loud. i flip over turn on my lite look around and nothing. lets just say i didnt fall asleep that night.
  7. WARNING:: Long-ass story. If you don't want to read or are too high to read, please don't. haha
    Now, enjoy the first time I got "too high".

    It was about October 2010. This wasn't creepy more or less. It was more frightening at times and weird and awkward at other times.

    It was the first time my friend and girlfriend of 5 months at the time ever smoked anything ever.

    So naturally we smoked about 3 grams of pot and 2 grams of spice (we didn't know it was bad at the time, please don't remind me about that). So we went into the woods at about 7 o'clock. It was just about to get dark but I figured, how long can it possibly take to smoke? So I just said "fuck it" and smoked with her anyway. So after about 20 minutes of smoking ALL of what we had, it was about time for us to leave. It was about 7:30 and it looked like midnight. Needless to say, I had no idea how to get out of the woods, our spot.

    I've gone to this spot about 20 times before, and I couldn't remember how to get out. So I saw lights from the woods that looked like the road. It was. But the problem was, it was all picker-bushes and small pond-like things. So i don't remember alot for about 10 minutes. Then I just remember me being like, "beth....what the fuck? where are we?" So me and her freaked out. She ran one way and I was gonna run the other way but I figured I'd follow her, So I did. She found the path out but it wasn't the path I was used to.

    It was pitch black and the only light was at the end of the path. So she had it in her mind that she was going to die. (how fucked up we were, I can't recall). She said it looked like the light at the end of a tunnel and that I was leading her to heaven or something. So we're walking out and it was just a telephone pole with a street light on it.

    Any normal person would've just sat in their car and talked, not us. She drove around and shit, figuring that if she drove she wouldn't be thinking about anything but driving and the high would wear off. My stoner-logic told me that that was a great Idea. It wasn't.

    So I live in a city that is close to a rural, country type area.

    So she's driving around and we see "Welcome to Wayne County"..

    As if life was the fucking SpongeBob movie (where as soon as he passes the last gas station, theres' a solid line between hospitality and ghetto roads where people take your car and shit), there was a legit line across the county line from where it went from paved road to dirt road. It went from houses to farms and shit. We freaked out again, thinking we were going to get jumped by a chainsaw wielding freak. So she turns around and we go back to the city.

    From there, I spot my ex-girlfriend....who happened to be my current girlfriend's best friend. Who also didn't know that we were dating.

    So we just walked by hoping that she didn't know we were high. Then we forgot she didn't know we were dating, we cared mainly that she'd tell our parents we were high as fuck. So needless to say...within 5 minutes Beth gets a call "Hey....are you with Randy...or was I just seeing something?"

    Before Beth could answer, I take her phone and say "Fuck yeah she was with me. Why would you even ask if you didn't know for a fact that she was with me (great logic huh?)." there was a long pause, then I ended the call with "Oh yeah, and I broke up with her for you. Bitch."

    Needless to say, our moms weren't too happy to know that my paycheck bought weed.

    After that phone call, I forgot everything.

    But I just thought it was creepy that not only were we lost in FORESTcity, pennsylvania where they named the city for what it entails....forests. We got lost in a city of woods. haha. Also that we were paranoid that we were going to get killed and that we were being followed, when we really were...by my ex.

    Idk if it sounds creepy now, but at the time it was.
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    Stuff deff used to happen at my old place.

    Looking for my deodorant one time that I was holding 2 mins earlier. I looked for it EVERYWHERE. Check my cpu desk again, turn around and its right at the front of my dresser. I KNOW I checked there 1000 already. That was the first thing and really freaked me out.

    I watched a cap to a beer bottle slide across my room w/ friends to witness it.

    Stuff I never touched in my closet would just be in the middle of my room a few times.

    Always gave me the creeps and everything always happened in my room. Nothing bad ever happened before though

    Edit* I would also wake up in the middle of the night w/ that feeling like someone is watching you. I just always just rolled over under covers, and tried to go back to sleep asap haha
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