What is the creepiest thing you have ever experienced?

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  1. I'm sorry but why would anyone walk around in downtown Tucson? Especially at 2 am?!
  2. i was sleeping in my bed which is right next to my window ( head faced window) and its like 1 or 2 in the morning. i hear a knock on the window hella loud. then its silent. i try to go back to sleep. then i hear it AGAIN . remember, my room is on a second floor so anything tapping my window could only be a ghost or something right? it knocks hella loud again and i grab my baseball bat turn on the lights and just stand there.then i hear " open the fuckin window son its cold!"ends up being just my drunk ass dad on a ladder . locked himself out lol
  3. When I was younger (about 8 or 9) I went into a brief Diabetic coma. I can recall what happened moments before I passed out, and waking up four days later, but that's it. I remember being moved into my parents room and hearing them call the paramedics. But I remember seeing other people standing around me that I didn't recognize. My parents later told me that I began talking aloud to people who we didn't know, as if they were in the room with me. Full fledged conversations that made sense, but were just out of context. I believe that I slipped somewhere between the world of the living and the afterlife that night. It was kind of more intriguing than creepy, but for some reason I still get chills thinking of it to this day.

    The moment that I see as being creepiest happened at my friend's house in like 8th grade or so. He had told me that his house is haunted because the previous tenants had killed themselves. He found this out after his neighbors had to tell his family what had happened, something his realtor neglected to mention. For a while it was just superstition and myth shrouding the house, until I was actually able to stay the night. His door faced a room that they had used for storing boxes, as it would eventually become their office. It was early in the morning, and I woke up to go to the bathroom. I left his room to piss, noting that the door to their "office" was closed. As I was peeing, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of dread or malice. Like something was watching me, but even more alarming. I finish and make my way back to his room, and notice that the door to the office is now open, and his room is cold as hell. I closed the door to his room, and tried to fall asleep, but couldn't. The next morning, he tells me that he had this dream where he was watching us sleep, from the perspective of the "office" room. A little investigation and we found that one of the suicides occurred in that exact room. Shit still creeps me wayyyy out.
  4. When my boyfriend bought this camera to film us 24/7 to catch weird shit that kept happening to me. And then when we reviewed it there was weird noises and doors slamming shut and shit. And we invited over an exorcist but he didn't want to help us. Then I started sleep walking and.....oh WAIT, that wasn't me.
  5. Ok, i got a little bit of everything.

    First off, when i was young, like maybe 6 or 7 or something, it was a weekend i think. Well i wanted to take a nap but i liked my parents' room and bed, so i was sleeping on their bed. Well their room has 2 windows side by side right by the bed, and they were both open. Well i have this fractured memory of seeing a weird robotic looking flying craft come into view right outside the windows. It must have been like 5 feet across, just floating silently outside the window, and it had these 4 robotic looking legs coming out of it. I was just laying on my side motionless, watching the whole time. Well, it started rotating in place until the bottom of the thing was facing me, and it had a red spot in the middle. Then it started glowing brighter and brighter until there was a bright white flash, so bright everything was white and i was totally blind. Then i was laying in the exact same position, looking at the exact same place in the windows, but nothing was there. I got up and went downstairs and told my mom what happened, and she just told me it was a bad dream.

    Next story is pretty quick, but kinda creepy in a normal sense. You know how when you're drunk or something, you have these very brief fractured memories that are like 1 second long? Well, i have this creepy one like that. I was like 10 or something and we were on vacation in Cancun. Well, i didn't learn how to swim until i was older, and didn't know how at that time. And i have this brief memory a few seconds long, of waking up face down on a beach with waves crashing over me. But that's the whole memory. Don't know if it was just from a dream or something, but it's kinda creepy anyway.

    Last story, just a couple years ago i was chilling with 2 of my friends, S and C. Well, S was driving, and we decided to drive to this one supposedly haunted road near us called Cuba Road (look it up, there's plenty of info on the internet about this place. it's cuba road in illinois, or more specifically white cemetery.) Anyway, there's a cemetery along the road which is supposed to be one of the most haunted in the country. Now, i'd already visited this place tons of times before just for fun, and never really saw anything creepy or weird, so i wasn't expecting much.

    The road is rarely used late at night (this was probably like 1 am), and there's no where to park along the road. Also, you can't go in the cemetery because it's so famous that people have gone in there and caused damage to graves from the 1800's, so they have sensors that trigger huge floodlights and send notice to the police if you try to go inside anywhere along the fence. So we just stopped on the road right in front of the cemetery and opened the windows and spent a minute looking inside. It's mostly dark but in the middle there's a small path with a little light over it.

    Well, you know how when you see something in your peripheral vision, you can't make out what you saw clearly, but you know that you saw something moving? Well, on the edge of my vision i saw a black shape moving. It wasn't small, either. There are some tombstones under the light there, and i remember that one of them was completely obscured as this shape moved past it. Well, obviously i immediately looked directly at that spot, but i saw nothing unusual and nothing was moving. I tried looking elsewhere but it was just too dark. Well, about 1 second later, my friend who's driving fucking floors it right down the road without saying a word. And i said something like "dude whats up?" and in this scared voice he said that he saw something black moving towards us.

    What makes that really creepy is that I had never even mentioned what I saw, not even a word, until after he had already started driving away.
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    So I was a sophmoro in college and so were two of my best friends but we went to different colleges in Ohio. Since it was summer though we would go back with our parents and chill and smoke and stuff. Anyways this one night was real nice and warm so we decide to go out and smoke a few bunts. Friend number one "Steve", who was driving, called me and picks me up along with friend number 2 "mike". It was my turn to supply the green so I had two nice fat blunts. Okay so all of us like to go mess around town when we're smoking but mike suggests we go out and smoke in a corn field or something out in the country. If you don't know, Ohio has these cornfields everywhere because the entire state pretty much just grows this corn.

    So we get out of town, maybe like 15 miles or so at which point I say we have gone far the fuck enough because steve doesn't want us smoking in his dad's car (he has a nice Mercedes his dad sometimes lets him drive). So we pull over sort of off into this really thin woods which had like caked mud on it so the car could park sort of hidden, which I thought was really fucking stupid since we could get stuck easy, especially if it started to rain (which happens later). We also see two run down barn/shed sort of things.

    At this point we haven't smoked at all so I get out a blunt and give it to mike to light up while me and steve take a leak. I'm zipping up my fly when mike's like "oh shit theres a house man". And sure enough I look way off to the distance and see this farmhouse that might be yellowish (it was maybe 7 o'clock but still very light out). Mike's tells steve and they're like "lets sneak up and check that out". I agree and we slowly make our way, blunts being passed all the while, to this very out of the way farmhouse. After about ten minutes we get up right to the edge of the woods as it was getting a little dark. I think one of the windows was open because from inside we could here this really soft music, like from a radio or something. So we're just kinda sitting there checking the scene out and I'm there feeling creepy and wanting to leave. Suddenly steve is like "Oh shit check out the tractor!".(at this point it starts to drizzle rain) I look over at this what I guess is a tractor and a some huge lumps behind it. So what does mike do? Mike, for some reason just walks on over to it and just turns back to where we are obviously freaking out and explains something about dead, mutilated cows being chained to the back of the tractor!:eek:. (I didn't see it and at this point it is getting too dark from where we were anyway. All of a sudden he stops explaining about the "cows" and is like "no music?", I didn't understand at first but I realized the radio wasn't playing anymore which was unbelievably creepy. But I swear nothing is as scary as then looking at the house which had no lights and and MAKING OUT THE FIGURE OF A GUY LOOKING OUT THE FIRST FLOOR WINDOW and then proceeding to WALK PAST ANOTHER WINDOW towards what looked like the door!:bolt:

    We run.

    So we're running back and I'm right next to steve and we run so fucking fast but it's a woods and as we nearer to the car two things happen at once: Steve presses one of those car alarms (I guess to find the car???) and I hear mike, who is a little behind, crash and fall. I immediately stop and look back for mike, who I find has tripped over some scrap metal. It takes a second to help him untangle from it but he gets back up and we make our way to where we think the car is but instead run to the edge of the road. We stop before going past the woodline to stay undercover for what feels like forever but was probably five minutes. Steve is keeping his cool thank god and so am I. So steve gets his phone out to call mike (who doesn't fucking answer it goes straight to voice mail despite the fact I was texting him earlier???). Anyway I'm like dude wtf is that? Waaaay down the road I could make out what looked like an odd car slowly coming down the road. I didn't know at first why it was odd but as it got closer, and it did surprisingly fast, I realized it was strange because it only had one front light. My god, it was a tractor:eek:.

    Mike is like holy shit dude just lay low holy fuck! So we lay down thinking there is no way in hell anyone could possibly see us and we'll just call someone else after this guy passes us and catch up with steve later. But as this the tractor gets closer, we see steves car hidden not more than 20 meters away start up and start to drive away! We could see him try to get out but his two wheel drive Mercedes can't get out of the mud! I'm like holy shit mike we got to stop running and just talk to this fucker because we haven't really done anything wrong except trespass and this is too fucking creepy to ditch steve over. But before we step out the person on the tractor (a guy?) blasts this gun in the direction of steve. Mike is like "FUCK RUN" and dodges back, I'm following him.

    Maybe after a minute or two we run back the way we came and run to the house we were just at to knock and see if maybe there was a wife who could tell this guy we weren't trying to do anything and that we were just scared and horribly buzz killed and just wanted it to end. We bang on the screen door and shout but noone answers. Mike rushes in yelling and I follow him. I think at this point mike is near breaking down and can't keep his cool much longer and is just tearing through the rooms as if he was still looking for someone to help us. I looked around for a phone but couldn't find one. The next thing I know mike comes running down the stairs and collapses on the floor. I am like holy shit and try and wake him up. I can't so I drag him to the cellar (I had seen it when we were looking around it was in right off the main hall). The stairs are all wooden and weird but mike is coming around. I fall the last four steps or so after tripping on what I think was a nail or something.

    I call a friend (thank god I had a signal, I cuoldn't take anymore) and told him to get us. So want to point out before I forget that I had wanted to get into the basement not just because it was sort of hidden but because I had seen one of those half horizontal cellar doors outside and assumed we could get out. How wrong I was. We hear the tractor come back and shut off over the rain. I look around and through the pitch blackness see with my cell phone light that we had MADE A TRAIL OF MUD which would lead the psycho right to us. Someone creaked upstairs with muffled banging (I thought it was steve). I looked at mike who said there was no way out. I thought he meant of the situation but realized there was no cellar door to freedom. The steps became louder as the figure walked past the door and slammed open another. We could hear creaks and footsteps right next to us. There must be another cellar!

    At this point on I don't remember much but I know what happened as far as me and mike can tell was we rushed up and found the man who was dragging steve unconscious downstairs. He was fat I think. I didn't see his face. We knocked him over. I think we hit him too. Mike pick steve up and dragged him out. Somehow we both carried him back and found his keys in his pocket. I found the car and me and mike pushed it out of the mud. We drove back to town. I was not high at all. We went back to steve's since his parents were out of town and dragged ourselves up to his room. We crashed.

    The next morning we talked it over and steve said that the man hadn't caught him but trapped him because there was nowhere to run except for into a huge pond and the guy said he would shoot. He remembers the guy hit him over the head with a shovel and swears he said he was going to "roast him for a months worth of suppers". The worst part was for steve when we suddenly froze and said. He took my shoes and WALLET:eek:. He knows where I live.

    Anyway that's the story it's true and obviously not copied from anywhere. This has brought me and mike closer but neither of us talk to steve much anymore. From what I understand he got horrible grades afterward and moved to Michigan to do work with a boat crew on the lake.

    True fucking story, or I wouldn't have spent the time writing it.


    We want to smoke in the country.
    Farm inhabited by Hannibal Lecter
    Two escape, one doesn't
    We save steve
    Steve scarred for life, me and mike okay,
    Didn't call police or post on facebook, secret to the death (except for online)
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    could be sleeping paralysis, sounds like it. I get it just about every night n hallucinate EVERY time. last time I imagined huge spiders on the side of my bed coming towards me.. i've seen figures of creepy as fuck old lady's n shit aswell, but I know it aint real.

    havent really had much creepy things happen to me, but I did get somethin literally just about a week ago. I was sitting in my back garden smoking. My bedroom is the very back room, and i sit just outside my window. anyways, it was like 10pm, parents were out, doors were locked. I heard a knocking that sounded like it was in my room.. like literally, it was near my ear. so i knocked back.. it knocked back. I did a different knock, it did the same knock. I kept knocking, and it kept knocking (i know it wasn't just an echo, because it started before me, and sometimes was doing completely different knocks).. after about 10 minutes of knocking (i was stoned....) all of a sudden whatever it was decided to knock on my window LOUD AS FUCK. scared as shit, i walked back in.. doors were still locked, no one in the house, but my bedroom door was wide open n my tv was on. it added to the scaryness because the default channel is static... argh.
    it isn't the first time this has happened tho.. I remember about a year back I was in my room n it was the middle of the night n there was just one LOUD knock on the window from outside. I was creeped, but just imagined it was a bird flying into the window or somethin, but it happened again about 20 minutes later. aparently some old guy died in my parents room, or so I've been told, but I'm not too sure whether to believe it or not.

    not somethin that happened to me, but it happened to my sister. pretty short, but she was unlocking our door once, and when she opened it she said she aparently saw a really white face walk into her. my mum was there too, n said she could actually see my sister going pale afterwards.

  8. WTF how is this true every bit of it sounds so made up and some parts dont make sense
  9. So way back when i was about 8 years old, i was staying the night at my grandparents cottage. It is on the tip of a peninsula, and in a heavily wooded area. I was sleeping upstairs by myself, and at about 4 in the morning i woke bolt upright. I didn't have to pee, or anything....i was just sitting upright in the bed.....and for some reason i got off the bed and looked out the window. Just as i looked out the window, in the distance, i heard a craaaaazy loud, spine freezing, witch cackle. Some straight up Blair Witch shit. I was terrified, but all i could do was go back to sleep and hope i didn't hear it again.

    Second story was from a few years ago, my first summer smoking, i was 15 or 16 i think...Well after a night of bowls and bonfires, i had to walk home....which included about a half mile down a pitchblack street, in the woods, which i fucking hate. Right next to me in the woods i hear the loudest fucking scream i have ever heard in my life, sounded like a woman being fucking brutalized....no other way to even really get close to the idea. People have said this could've been a bobcat....Idk.

    Most recent, this happened about a week or two ago; I had just had a magnificent day on a magical type of fungus, and was pretty much sobered up. I was just veggin on my couch at about 10, and woke up at about 2 in the morning without even realizing i had fallen asleep. I went up to my bedroom and my dresser is literally flipped onto the ground...this was just way too much for me to handle. Not only was i fucking tired, but my mind was still trying to get over my crazy trip.....

    THEN, the next day i was looking for my wallet, ALL DAY LONG. I didn't leave my house since i had it, so i knew it was somewhere in the house. I looked fucking everywhere, everywhere, man. So i go to bed, really fucking late, like both my parents are in bed. I wake up in the morning, in my mind is this idea of some sort of a surprise, or game, or idk something weird i was dreaming about as i woke up, and my wallet is RIGHT in front of my face, on the bed. My parents claim they didn't do it....i don't really know what to think.
  10. woke up at 4AM one morning to my dog barking, went to check it out and saw a very bright flash across my whole yard, thought it was a car or something but there was nothing there, I was kind of freaked out but didn't care too much since I was half asleep lol.
  11. Jesus dude, thats a fucking horror movie right there!

  12. Why the fuck wouldn't you call the police, that sick fuck very well could try and do that again.
  13. I'm bumpin' this thread. Too good to let disappear into the abyss this soon.
  14. hmmm i can't think of any stories right now, but the scariest SOUND i have ever heard was raccoons fighting (i think they were raccoons). it really caught me off guard to...i was playing xbox @ around midnight and heard that shit come from outside in the forest. the sound was so vicious and disturbing

    but yeah, this thread is awesome. all these stories are great
  15. When I was 7-8 I was hanging out at the park with a friend and it was getting dark and foggy there was a mom and kid there to and they disappeared shortly after we both got this fealing of being watched so we ran home but the only way was this path surrounded by bushes we kept thinking someone would jump out and grab us

    The next happend to my mom she was watching ghost hunters or something and they told the ghost to turn off the lights and when they said that the power went out

    When I was 11-12 I was in Seattle with a friend and we're walking downtown at around 10 and this super sketchy looking guy walks up
    behind my dad and whispers something in his ear me and my friend are framing out but don't want to say anything it turns out he asked if my dad wanted to examen his bong
  16. I've noticed there's a lot of sleep paralysis stories in this amazing thread. Sleep paralysis is by far the most terrifying experience I've ever had. I used to have it like once or twice a month. It was freaking awful. I can describe the worst time in excruciating detail for you.

    This was about.... two years ago...

    I was laying in my bed trying not to fall asleep because I had to get up to go to work in the morning and I had pulled an all-nighter like a dumbass. I looked at the clock on the wall and it said like 2:30 AM. Anyways... Suddenly I was in another world. A dream, I realize later. There's a long dark hallway and distant laughter is echoing off the walls. But... it's approaching, it's coming closer, it's sounding more sinister by the second. I have to run, I have to get the fuck away. I start sprinting for my life down this long hallway. As I run the walls seem to close in. I look behind me and see something running full tilt after me and now the laughter is deafening, this screeching insane cackling. It's gonna catch me, this thing is running at an IMPOSSIBLE speed. I can feel its fucking breath on the back of my neck and I realize that I'm going to die. It's going to kill me... or worse.

    All of a sudden, I snap awake. I look at the wall, and the clock reads 7:25... I had fallen asleep. I realized I should probably get up and get ready for work because I had to leave out at 8. But I couldn't move. I keep struggling to move but I can't even fucking twitch. I can only move my eyes, and they're bugging out and looking everywhere at once. I'm freaking out. But it gets worse.

    I sense something behind me. This... undescribable sense of dread and horror descends upon me. It's the thing from the dream. I just know it. I will myself to just move, so I can run away. I have to get the fuck out of here. It's in my room, how is it here? I locked the door and the window's always locked.

    I can feel its breath in my hair. Tears are leaking down my cheeks now. I'm struggling to scream for someone, anyone, to please please help me. Nothing comes out, just a little sigh of breath. A pathetic sound. A hopeless sound. I'm going out of my mind with terror and... this thing behind me is laughing. Not that insane cackling now, no... It's chuckling, this.... satisfied, victorious, smug chuckle.

    It's breath comes closer. I know because it's hotter and it's blowing across the back of my neck now like the wind from a storm.

    There's this whisper in my ear. Even the voice is smug. Quiet.

    It says, CLEAR AS DAY..... "I know you're not asleep. I can see you in there. Don't try to scream. Save your breath."

    I again willed myself to sit up, anything, move any muscle. It seems like I'm about to snap out of it, I'm about to sit up. I'm sobbing in my mind and hyperventilating but I have some hope now.

    Then these ice cold hands shoot out of nowhere from behind me, grab me under my arms and yank me back down into Hell. The fingers on the hands are long, razor-sharp talons and they are so cold, ice-cold. I can feel my skin go numb from it nearly instantly.

    And it kept whispering into my ear smugly. Saying things I will NEVER repeat to anyone. After what seemed like years but was probably ten minutes, I broke free of whatever nightmarish hold this ... DEMON had on me, and I began screaming at the top of my lungs. My mom wakes up and starts beating on the door but I keep screaming, thrashing around in my bed. I get up and grab the nearest possible weapon (my Rock Band guitar) and begin swinging it around wildly. But there's no one in my room. I'm alone.

    I didn't go to work, needless to say....
  17. that sounds like an encounter with the devil, not sleep paralysis lol.
    but what did you hear it whisper, come on tell:confused::confused::confused:
  18. Well my house is officially haunted. I live in a house that's over 200 years old. I live out in the country right on a highway. I don't know much about the history of my house other than it caught on fire in the 1950s and maybe around 15 years ago (before I lived here) there was a wake in the living room.

    I've lived here for almost ten years and not much has happened in the first nine years at all. I've never gotten any weird vibes. It all started maybe a year ago. I was bringing my friend home and the light in my room was on. My room is above the back porch. My brother was putting his bike away when he said he heard a crash. He looked up and saw a girl with long black hair facing the wall in my room. He couldn't see her face but he thought it was me. He then called me and asked me if I was home. I said no, I wasn't and then he started freaking out.

    My mom was cleaning out the basement a couple of months ago when the light all of a sudden went out. My mom is funny about "ghosts" and whatnot so she was like, "Lights please!" and then they came back on. Then they shut back off until she said it again. Nobody was home with her at the time.

    Two weeks ago my brother was in my mom's room under the blankets with the cat. The living room where the wake was is on the right of the stairs, directly next to it, and if you go up the stairs her room is right above the living room. He said he heard footsteps, heavy ones, coming up the stairs and then it stopped at the bed like it was looking at him. Then they went into the connected bathroom. My brother thought it was my dad. Five seconds later my mom comes up the stairs and begins to bitch about my dad. My brother goes, "Shh, he's in the bathroom!" and my mom looks at him confused and was like, "No he's not, he's not even home."

    Yesterday my mom was driving me to the gym and out of nowhere she was telling me how she couldn't sleep because this weird music was playing in her room and then downstairs, kind of like older people music. I usually come home between 12 and 3 A.M. during the week. My mom likes to keep her door somewhat open to hear me come home. For the past few nights she's said she thinks she hears me opening the downstairs door, walking upstairs, and going into my room but when she checks on me I'm not there. Weird.

    Nothing has happened to me in my room but sometimes I stay up reading. I usually don't go to sleep until around 3 otherwise. When I stay up late reading sometimes I'll hear loud voices, almost like a conversation or a discussion, coming from downstairs or by my brother's room which is right next to mine. A few nights ago I heard laughter.

    Other info: Down the street from me there was a bad car accident eleven or twelve years ago. A lady was going to pull out and a huge truck crushed her car. She died. I used to sneak my ex boyfriend in and he'd park his car right down that street and then walk up to my house. The first night he called me up hysterically as he was walking to my house. Keep in mind that even though I live on a state highway, it is dead at night around here. No street lights, no passing cars, just wild animals and the pitch black. He said he saw something white flash across the road and just generally creepy shit. It got to the point that he wouldn't sneak in anymore unless I walked up to the house with him. It was very creepy and to this day my friends and I drive that road when we want to be scared.

    My friend's house is right on the corner where the car accident happened. I never saw anything myself when I was at her house but my dad was telling me how he saw a figure of a lady in their basement and my friend's mom was telling me how when my friend's little sister was a baby she was suffocating under these blankets and nobody knew until some weird noise or light or something woke her up and led her to the baby's room.

    Last winter two friends and I went about three miles down another back road and parked to smoke a blunt. We were literally surrounded by woods and already creeped out. Then we hear this scream, like a lady or a child, coming from right next to the car. We all sat there high as fuck and then we looked at each other. We got the hell outta there. Most likely it was an animal but still, it was creepy.

    If you read my post on this same thread a few days back you'll see that the house next door to mine is possibly haunted as well. That I've experienced with my own eyes. I know for sure a lady who used to live there did witchcraft and not the nice kind, the sacrificing animals kind.

    So I have a few questions about this, feel free to help me out...

    a) Do you think my house is haunted? By what exactly?
    b) Why is this all of a sudden happening now? I heard ghost activity occurs when someone is close to death but I don't like to think about it like that.
    c) Why is this mostly just happening to my mom and brother?

    Another story...

    My parents separated when I was six or seven. My dad used to live in a one room apartment. His apartment building was really high. I used to see lights travel around the room, go under doors, fly around and stuff. They would go into the hall and when I'd open the door they weren't there. My dad tried banishing every source of light to see if maybe it was a car, a reflection, something. The lights still came. When I wasn't there he said that he was laying there and literal fire balls started flying around the room. I was too young to understand what was going on but maybe two years ago my grandmother found an article about that apartment building. It had been burnt down so many times during the 1900s and there were a lot of deaths over the years due to the fires.
  19. I just remembered another creepy story of mine. So i was sitting in my shed blazin' a bowl, in the middle of a nice summer night. I wasn't quite done when i started thinking i was hearing somebody walking around the shed. It wasn't an animal, it sounded exactly like a human would sneaking around. I was completely blazed and trippin' the fuck out over what the hell was surrounding me. I convinced myself it was a cop or somebody trying to catch me smoking, then i was thinking it was just my cat, but it sounded so much like a human. So i decided to spark up the rest of the bowl and see what happened.....didnt' hear anything else, slowly, sloowwwwwwwly, got up. Creeped over to the door, looked around outside and fuckin' bolted to my house.
  20. When i was about 11 me and my 15 year old brother at the time where walking around our neighborhood during winter. It wasnt nighttime so we could see everything perfect.

    Anyway, Where walking down a path in our old neighborhood and it lead to a large pond that everyone would swim at in the summer. As we where approaching the pond i pointed out to my brother the weird looking chick in an all red dress near the water ( Remember its winter in new england so its like 15/20 degrees out ) And when my brother saw her she started walking slowly into the water and when she got over her head she never came out. We never saw her again and i DAMN sure never swam there again
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