What is the creepiest thing you have ever experienced?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ricehunter, Mar 8, 2011.

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    One time, while i was driving home i stopped at a red light. It was afternoon-ish, so it was getting dark. As i'm stopping, i look over to my right and in the sky i see this bright circular aircraft hovering.. it looked like it was made from aluminum or something because it was shiny like crazy. It wasn't moving it was just hovering there. Anyways, I'm still stopping at the light and staring at it, and as im staring the cars slowly moving forward, so a tree gets in the way of the aircraft thing. i wait for the light to change, and as i soon as the cars starts moving again i look over the to right once more and it's not there anymore.

    Another time, while me and my brother were going to Las Vegas, we were driving in the desert at maybe 2 or 3 in the morning, and all of a sudden a SUPER bright light just zoomed pass us in the sky. This thing went from behind us to way ahead of us in less than a second, and it was probably the brightest thing I've ever seen. We both looked at each and were freaked out for the whole trip.

    And if you want to play a pretty fucked up scary game for PS2/xbox/xbox 360, check out "Fatal Frame". scary shit.
  2. In 7th grade me and two of my friends J and J went out to an abandoned building by J's house- its called the silo house. All it is is a giant old plantation style house with lots of run down farm equipment and the house filled with old newspapers and carvings into the tables, there's like a table in almost ever room. We went to the house and on the way there we though we heard a pack of dogs wearing jingly bells so we started running to it lol and it was pitch black, i was about to shit my self. when we get to the house there was a collar with bells on it all tore up but we didn't notice this until we left. When we get inside we get out our phones to light it up and we started to walk around this is when we noticed all the tables. Then we hear rustling outside and Jeff looks out the window and is grabs my shoulder and says in the most serious voice "THERE'S 3 PEOPLE OUTSIDE," my mind goes into thinking mode-unable to hide in this house without making a lot of noise it was creeky as hell next thing i know Jeff again points out somethings at the window and the most erie chalk board scratch sounds we flip the fuck out and decide to book it. On the way out I kick the bells that were laying in the way of the door and we all screamed the way home:eek:
  3. Alright, I remember another story from my youth (I was 12 when this happened). :p

    I was in the car with my Dad, driving to Newberg, OR for a softball tournament on a quiet fall Sunday. We took Wilsonville Road, which if you know the area, it's a secluded, kind of creepy road. It was like 7:30 or so in the morning and completely light outside. We drove out of a wooded patch in between the fields and orchards of the area, and as we rounded a corner a man was walking slowly across the road. He was dressed in overalls or jeans, with a red flannel shirt, like a farmer. We were so close, my Dad had to SLAM on the brakes to not hit this guy. When we stopped, he disappeared. Not ran off the road, disappeared. There was no way to run off this road without being noticed, and we would have seen someone bolt off the road in the half second it took to look up after almost ramming the dashboard. I was disturbed, as I didn't know what the hell that was, and my Dad kept driving as if nothing had happened after we realized we didn't kill anybody.

    For me, this is so creepy because my Dad does not believe in ghosts at all. He doesn't even entertain the idea, but we both saw somebody walking in the middle of the road. To this day, he says that it was a tree stump that we stopped for. :rolleyes:

    This is the only paranormal experience I've had that I can't explain away.
  4. The ghost stories are boring. The log on the road story was the best.
  5. too bad that one was a 4chan creepypasta. I want some real serial killer shit haha

    btw i love the pixies <3
  6. What part of Southern MB? I live about 25 km east of Brandon and there has been some scary shit out here.
  7. That's probably just kids letting off fireworks in the woods..:rolleyes:
  8. The creepiest/scariest shit that I ever experienced happened to me around the age of six. It was late fall and i was living in Idaho at the time. I woke up late at night from a nightmare, I laid my head back onto my pillow and drifted into hypnagogia, the next thing I remember was a sudden explosion of colors in the darkness and a second later SoMeThInG had jumped on top of me. This thing was vicious, it was snarling and growling and thrashing around on top of me.. Whenever I think back I imagine it looking like a vicious demonic baboon. I was fucking scared beyond words, my instinct kicked in and I kicked that thing off the top of the bed (it was a bunk bed). As soon as it hit the ground everything was quiet then a couple seconds later I heard ~crunch~, like crunching paper. This thing was in my fucking room and I was across the way from the light switch. I tried to scream but nothing came from my throat. It felt like I was paralyzed with fear. I kept hearing these crunching noises like claws crushing paper. Eventually the noises stopped but I was still too scared to look, so I layed there singing as loud as i could (about a whisper) row row row ur boat to comfort myself and I was crying. Holy shit that was traumatizing. I don't think I was dreaming either because I remember waiting till morning when my family woke up and I ran upstairs and told them what had happened.. My mom thought it was a nightmare or one of my cats, no way was that a cat. I still don't even understand what the fucksickle happened that night.

  9. I've had an experience like this before its not that uncommon its kind of like you're half awake and half asleep you're dreaming and having this fucked up nightmare about something happening but you can't move or do anything about it. When it happened to me I was laying down in my room looking up at the ceiling then I saw a bright flash and I looked out my window and I saw a shadow standing there I thought it was aliens and I was getting abducted and was tripping the fuck out. I tried to move but felt paralyzed and couldn't say anythhing I kept trying to roll over but everytime I would id open my eyes and was in the same position and then I felt like someone was trying to get in my room and still tripping balls I just closed my eyes and kept telling myself it was a dream and trried to get up and eventually I just woke up. I looked it up online the next day and yea I realized I was just tripping myself out
  10. Maybe I got abducted by aleeins. :eek::eek::eek: Then they erased my memory:(:eek:

  11. This was out by Snowflake, MB. Farmers field, pitch black out, with a bright blue sphere hovering around above the trees.

    My sisters husbands family has a farm south east of Winnipeg. Last summer she was saying how there was bright lights whipping around in the sky, stopping in mid air and then shooting off at crazy speeds everytime she was out there.

    Southern MB is a wild place.
  12. This will probably make all of you shit your pants so read if you dare!

    I ran out of weed. :eek: Then I called my dealer and he said the creepiest scariest words I have ever heard in my life. Those words were "I only have shwag." I think I died a little inside.
  13. Back when i was around 13-14, i was at my friends house with about 4 people. We were all staying the night, and we were staying in his bonus room, which was very bare and new looking, and at night- looks very creepy.

    So we all watched this video called "Alien Roommate Prank Gone Wrong", thinking it was this funny fucking video... yeah... not very funny. I wont spoil it, ill post the video below.

    So im trying to fall asleep in a room with a skinny kid, a fat kid, and a russian kid who has a very strong russian accent.

    seconds before im about to fall asleep, the fat kid (His name is Ben) goes "HOLY FUCKING SHIT GUYS... LOOK!!!! OOOOOH MY GOD!"

    Of course nobody looked, until the skinny kid (Joe) goes "Holy... Fuck..." And then the two of them bolt from the room screaming. Then the russian kid (greg) looks up at the wall, screams some russian mumbo jumbo and runs out.

    So I LOOK, And i go wtffffffff and i bolt the fuck out of there.

    You guys would not even understand how real this shit looked... There was a glowing alien face on the wall. An exact picture of a generic green alien face... it was scary as hell.... you wouldnt understand unless you were there.
    This shit was scary.

    So we all sit down in the kitchen, thinking who is the one whos gonna be a hero and go get abducted. Joe runs the fuck upstairs and turns on the light.
    Nothings there... so we all go back to sleep... shaking still. 10 minutes later...... theres mr. alien face again. I dont even remember what happened after that. I think we all screamed, turned ont eh light and investigated for 20 minutes.

    Turns out, that the little light on a computer keyboard that lights up when you hit the Caps Lock button (yeah... that little fucking light) shined on to the wall, hit the ceiling into this perfect alien face. Coincidence right after we watched this... "funny" video... thats why it scared us so much.

    Shit like this showed us how young inside we still were and how much of pussies we were.

    well anyway, heres the vid:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWqI0U3pBdA]YouTube - Roommate Alien Prank Goes Bad[/ame]
  14. I was staying at what used to be my grandparents' house (They're both dead now) with my dad. My uncle was supposed to be there too, but he was staying somewhere else that night. I woke up about 3 in the morning and heard somebody walking up and down the stairs several times, but my dad was still in bed snoring away, so I figured that my uncle just decided to come back. Turns out, my uncle was never there. My dad and I were the only ones there that night...
  15. One time when I was in like 8th or 9th grade I was home from school on holiday. I guess my mom was home sick for the day too, but I thought I was home alone. Anyway I'm walking down the hallway and I hear the soft voice call out my name multiple times. Oh man I freaked the fuck out, I was screaming for like 5 minutes before I realized it was her. Turns out she wanted me to turn off the light or some shit.

    Yeah, that was the scariest moment of my life. :hello:
  16. I've gotten so many chills from the stories in this thread, some crazy shit.

    I wish I had a better story, but right now the creepiest thing I've ever experienced is sleep paralysis.
  17. That's fucking scary.
  18. ok, in my house we have a family room and directly across is a staircase leading to the rest of the house. one night i was sleeping down there with my 2 dogs with me.

    so at like 2 in the morning i just woke up randomly and sat up. i heard footsteps and murmuring from upstairs. i think its just my parents but then i hear footsteps slowly descending down. my dogs both perk up and i thought my dad was just coming down so i waited for him to come. i heard them come all the way down and hit the final landing thing that creaks a little but noone was there. so im sitting there shitting bricks watching intently while my dogs are staring at the bottom of the stairs so i jumped over and flicked the lights on and noone was there. my parents were still on the other side of the house sleeping and i asked them about it the next day. they say they didnt come down at all. strange thing about it all is that my dogs both noticed something too
  19. i watched a very weird kid eat an onion like an apple skin dirt and all
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