What is the creepiest thing you have ever experienced?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ricehunter, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. So I think many of us have had some creepy, paranormal, or unexplainable things happen to us. I would like to hear your stories!

    When I was about 12 my two sisters and I were home alone, and it was getting pretty late in the evening, (around 9pm) and we were just enjoying our time alone, having fun and playing around the house when all of a sudden my sister said she saw a face looking into the window watching us. We freaked the hell out and ran upstairs to hide until our parents came home.

    In retrospect it's not THAT creepy, but at the time it was enough to make my heart pound!
  2. Hearing kids screaming, and the overpowering stench of sulfur when i was walking in the woods behind my house in the country when i was 13.
  3. Well...If they would of shut up like I told them to no one would of heard shit!
  4. When I was about 13 I was staying at my Aunt and Uncles out in the boonies in Maryland. Their house was really isolated and it backed up to a really heavily wooded area.

    Anyways, I had accidentally let my uncles pet dog outside earlier that day, being an inside dog, it ran away. I felt really bad about it later that night, because we hadnt found the dog yet. Before I go to bed at about midnight I decide to give one more shot at finding the dog. I venture out into the woods and it is absolutely pouring rain.. I am about a 10 minute walk into the woods, and as im calling the name of the dog I hear what sounds almost like a girly laugh, so i yell "Is anyone there?? Have you seen a dog in here??"

    It was too dark so I couldnt see more than 10 feet infront of me in this woods, so I was starting to worry a bit

    I then hear the same little laugh but then the laugh deepened into a Southern Males voice and he said "I like to sit alone at night in the rain.." in the creepiest fuckin drawl ever. I fuckin booked it back to the house faster than Ive ever ran in my whole life, by far the creepiest thing ever to happen to me
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  5. I was with two of my friends and we were going to pick another friend up. I've never been to this guy's house, but my friends directed me there.

    It was in a pretty dodgy area, right next to what is commonly known as the worst fucking neighbourhood in my city. So we're parked outside this guy's gate (because everyone has electric fencing and high walls around here), phoning him and waiting for him to come outside.

    He wasn't answering his phone and the intercom was broken, so I started hooting outside his gate. After like 10 minutes we started discussing whether we should wait or leave.

    All of a sudden out of the fucking blue, there's a gunshot and we look out the window and see, maybe 500m down the street, a guy standing over another guy kicking the shit outta him.

    It was about 10PM and we were the only car around, so we wanted to get the fuuuck outta there as fast as possible. Problem was, the way we came was down the street where the guy got shot. So we went the opposite direction up the street and got lost in that neighborhood for like 15 minutes. I couldn't stop thinking that this guy was gonna jump outta a bush and kill all of us.

    Never wanted to get outta a place so badly in my life.

  6. WTF!!!!!!!!! thats probably the weirdest thing ive ever heard

  7. you didn't hear anything. you read it.
  8. Dph trips can't really say more on here tho

  9. i mean i guess that was necessary?
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  10. I was home alone once and I heard a harmonica playing along with hearing voices from downstairs.

    And then another time I was home alone and and I heard the piano playing downstairs.

    Musical Ghosts
  11. Had a dream that happened the next night but their was a twist to it that M. Night Shamalyan couldn't even have come up with.

    Then IDK, just some weird stuff in my house:D
  12. You still living in that haunted house?

    I'm gonna be a musical ghost when I die.
  13. Waking up to my neighbour staring through his window into my bathroom one with binoculars was a little strange.
  14. Probably the time I was taking a shit and a tiny purple baby pterodactyl came out of my ass. Man, was that creepy.

    Needless to say I flushed the toilet and not a single fuck was given that day.
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    Probably being in the woods and hearing a bunch of coyotes and wolves howling and shit and like vicious howling so i get out a flashlight and see a fox pretty far into the distance, but then I my flashlight hit something and like flashed. It hit a dogs collar (on a dog) and 2 people walking their dog back in these secluded woods. I asked em what they were doing on my woods, and they said they lived in a house right outside, skeptical I asked which one and they told me which house (detailed description). So the next day I was talking about it to my mom, and she told me no one has lived in that house for around 4 years or so.

    So I went and looked at the house, and no one was there, no cars in the garage, no furniture inside, lawn unkempt etc.

    Freaks me out to this day.
  16. A while back me and my friend went into this school that's only used for a daycare and dance lessons. I had to take a piss and we were exploring the second floor when I went into the bathroom, right before i was about to walk out of the bathroom one of the toilets flushed randomly. Me and my buddy proceeded to get the fuck out :eek:
  17. this one time i was masturbating, and i straight up just ejaculated, came out of nowhere. needless to say i got the fuck out of there and ran to church, still gives me chills to this day.
  18. First of all, since this is grasscity shouldn't the stories be about creepy experiences you've had when you are high??

    Anyways, this past summer I was at a friend's house smoking some doobies and drinking some Evan on his back porch enjoying the summer night. As we're chillin' we hear the most God-awful sound I have ever heard. It was like a high pitched scream/moaning sound. We immediately knew some animal had gotten killed because no human could've made that noise. The scream/moan went on for a full 3 mins, not even exaggerating and ruined an awesome blunt. My friend said it sounded to him like a cat or a rabbit getting killed which doesn't sound like it would be all that creepy but that sound would send chills down your spine. After the screaming stopped we heard something moving through the woods behind his house and soon enough a huge coyote came running through his backyard and off into the neighbor's house.

    After we saw the coyote and figured it out what had happened it wasn't that creepy but our first reactions to that noise were priceless lol
  19. Ok, so this happened when I was 15 or so, I was in the process of feeding my dogs. I was halfway through getting up the stairs to my porch, when I glanced down and saw a white, electrical-looking skeleton arm reach out and try to grab my leg, but I freaked out and ran right when I saw it and didn't feel anything.

    Idk if I really saw it, but I remember it so vividly, and afterwards I remember questioning if I really saw it.

    I can remember always getting weird vibes from under that porch, me and some friends went under there and found someone had spray painted "skulls" on the foundations, we never found out who did it.
  20. We were walking around downtown Tuscon, Az at about 2 am. Over near the library. No one around.
    There on the sidewalk sat an empty wheelchair, with an open copy of Steven King's It on the arm, and a bag of (still warm) fried chicken next to it.

    This was not a wheel chair such as one might steal from the hospital, but a custom chair for a seriously handicapped person, with special back rest, jell pad, etc.
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