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  1. I think it'd be doing the original thread justice by making a new one, the stories were all entertaining and awesome to read. I'm going to share one experience I had, which I'm not sure if I've shared before. Hopefully everyone will feel compelled to share their stories too!

    This happened a long time ago, I can't remember all of it but I can recall most. It was the night before our early morning flight and my mom wanted to save money so we were going to stay at a motel instead of a regular hotel, but there was something very weird about this motel. One, it was in the middle of the woods and two it seemed to be completely empty except a few trailers nearby had people in them. We went into the ''lobby'' and my mom was checking in, the guy behind the counter actually owned the place and he almost seemed too young to be owning a motel but still he was chill. Unfortunately, this was at a point in my life where I had really bad vision and before I got my glasses. There was a long hallway connected to the lobby and it was a bar/restaurant and something had me so intrigued. There was one very tall guy sitting by himself and I swear he was looking at me, I couldn't stop looking at him and what I saw looked like a big smile, but something was different about it. To this day I still think, the man looking at me had a pair of fangs and could of been some sort of vampire. It made perfect sense to me as a child, The lobby and all around us was very dark, one lamp behind the counter and dim lights in the bar were the only source of light in the entire place and we were like I mentioned in the middle of the woods almost. We checked in and me and my two siblings convinced our mom that we didn't like it there and fortunately we left because there was surprisingly no internet connection. I'm not sure if they experienced the same as I did but overall just a spooky experience.
  2. I used to live in an apartment at around age 7-8 where some WEIRD shit happened. All of my family members that lived there reported something paranormal, each with something different though. For me it was terrible nightmares... EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I had this one nightmare that I can remember clear as day. Please don't judge me because parts of this are gonna sound WEIRD. Okay special here's the nightmare:
    I'm walking around my apartment complex and for some reason piss my pants. Outta nowhere. So then I take them off and walk into my apartment where I see my grandma (she lived in that apartment with me then) making out with some fat new yorker (this is just disturbing because my grandma has pretty much written off men due to past experiences with them and hasn't when dated anyone in 10 years). I say sorry for intruding and go into my room to change my pants. My bed took up most of the wall length and by it there was a tall mirror hanging on the wall. I'm standing in front of it changing and suddenly I see a very tall, manequin (spelling?) wearing a soccer outfit standing behind me. I look back, no ones there. I look in the mirror again and he's still there; then a chill of pure terror ran through my body. I looked to my right (out of the view of the mirror completely) and there he was. I ran into the hallway outside of my room ( strangely my grandma had completely disappeared) where I tripped and fell, sitting in the doorway of my bathroom. Then I started suffocating, and the tall man closed in on me. As soon as he grabbed me I woke up... I wasn't breathing when I woke up. I have a few more stories I might post up later but that nightmare was so vivid that I felt like sharing
  3. not really "creepy" but one time i had sex with a girl who had a prolapsed rectum. one of the grossest experiences ever.
  4. Saw some dude jacking off in the spearmint rhino.
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  12. I once went on holiday to France with my family and we all had this weird experience.

    We travelled from England to France as we usually did for our family holiday, but we were going somewhere different this time. We stayed in a house somewhere near Nantes and it was huge!

    At night we all went to separate rooms to sleep and this when our weird experience occurred.

    The stairs and upstairs landing were made of laminate so when something stepped on it it made a very loud sound.

    During the night I woke up because I heard someone walking along the hallway but when I checked, nobody was there. I then heard a sliding door downstairs in the kitchen sliding shut repeatedly. This was happening every night and it freaked us the fuck out.

    Never been there since :) sorry for poor grammar and punctuation as I'm pretty baked.
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    I had posted some of my "experiences" in the last topic and had promised to compile a list of the other creepy things that have happened at my mom's house. Well it took a lot longer than i expected but i have so far amassed approximately 50 or so experiences from different people (family and friends). I will be honest, it was not easy getting some of these stories as some of my friends are quite sensitive to this nature and were not very willing to discuss their experiences. Also, I did not realise the toll that my own emotional state would be taking when i first decided to do this. I am still not done with my "research" but i do feel that i have enough to get started on presenting some of these stories. I will hopefully start posting some of these tonight and continue on throughout the next couple of weeks.
    Sidenote: My mother will be out of town for almost a month and i will be staying at the house while she is gone. I am planning on borrowing some recording equipment and seeing if i can catch some real evidence.
    Edit- Im still having a hard time trying to figure out the best way to present these stories. I think im going to present most of them from a first person perspective (just like they told the stories to me) as i believe it wouldn't only be a bit easier but also a bit creepier. What do you guys think?
  14. One day I was wandering around my house and decided to go up into the attic. I had never been up there since we moved in and was curious. So I walk up the stairs, flip on the light and turn around.

    Instantly my eyes are fixated on this Mattress laying on the opposite side of the attic. Right when I saw it I got chills thinking "why the fuck is there a perfectly made bed in my attic?" So I decided to get closer.

    With each step I took toward the bed the air just got colder, and colder, and colder, until finally on reaching the bed I could see my fucking breath. I put my hand over the bed and instantly just knew I didn't want to touch or move or disturb this thing in any way.

    I wrote about my experience with a Shadow person in the old thread and now that I think about it I may have pissed the spirit off by intruding on it's personal space. The experience with the shadow person happened right underneath where the mattress is located, just a floor down in the kitchen.

    So I asked the previous homeowners what the deal is with this bed and they told me it had always been there, even before they moved in. I've decided I'm not going to remove or disturb the spirit anymore than I may already have. Even just the way the bed is by itself on the opposite side of the attic gives me the creeps. I'll get a pic later if anybody wants to see it.
  15. Sweet. I fucking love attics, and basements. I'd love to see pictures of the attic!

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  18. Without and with flash. I'm not going any closer sorry.

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  19. i've had two paranormal experiences in my lifetime.

    both are terribly long and totally seem like a cliche

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