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What is the "cottons"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, May 3, 2003.

  1. ... the cottons is when you are driving down the road and you look in your ride for something to drink. And all you find is that Arby's cup. You shake it and there's something in it. But that cup has been sitting in the ride for four days now. Its 88 degrees outside and it gets up to 120 degrees in the locked up car every day this week. But you grab that cup and take a big swallow of that soda/water that has stewed for 4 days. And then you drink the whole thing. And you know what, that shit quenches your thirst.

    That's what the "cottons" is.

    (I started keeping a journal in my ride, so when I drive and crazy shit pops up in my head, I got a place to write it down and share with you)
  2. Oh shit, man. I think I woulda dealt with the cottons, and
    fuck drinkin that nasty ass shit.

    Sorry, but that made me cringe.
  3. i'm the cottons :p

    i'm also quite wasted. smoked a wakey bowl of some beautiful danks.

    mmmm.... danks
  4. haha i have done that before, when its like boiling hot, and half melted ice mixed with spit and soda, and u drink it anyways because its the only thing in there! i have done that before! eeewwww!!!!!
  5. lol..bpp
    forgetful are we? :)

    n yes, I love anything (almost anythin, sick basterds) that is in liquid form while im high.
  6. been there done that i feel your pain as i think many people on this board have! the cottons can make the warmest soda a godsend heheh
  7. i hear that BBP! :D
  8. u guys piss me off.....Ur all high and i aint touched a bud for 2 weeks. I got a test comin up so i can go to sum atv camp this summer. Damnit I want to be high. I have weed to. Anways when most poeple say they got the cottons they're mouth is really dry from smokin weed and not drinkin anything. If someone says this u need to offer them something to drink to wet their mouth. It can get so bad that u cant talk. Its also called cotton mouth.
  9. damnz, i hear ya on dat. i got cans sittin in mah room, some from weeks ago and some from days ago. wheneva i need to quench mah thirst, i play russian ruelette everytime. sorta fun, cept wheneva u drink the one dats been dere for months and u're spittin out fungus.

  10. Or when you get all chiefed before you go to sleep and you wake up at like 3:30 and your mouth is so dry your tounges all dried out and you know your not getting your lazy ass up and walking all the way downstairs to the kitchen so you reach for that cup of whatever from whenever pound it and hop back into dreamland.

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