What is the correct way to Dab with this Banger?

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  1. A while back I had purchased this "Reclaim" banger. And ever sense ive tried multiple ways of use, but each way just doesnt seem right. I'm hoping someone can tell me the proper, or inteded way of using this piece? 15661646632356383923002380072190.jpg
  2. Sorry you didn't get a response......Im a flower only smoker......as of now......so I don't have a CLUE how to use that!! SOMEONE here has to know though....Im bumpin this for ya:thumbsup:
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  3. I
    That’s a “terp-slurper”. Best use I’ve seen is with pearls and a marble. Whatever he was talking about with reclaim is wrong.
  4. Grimlock is right, i think it was originally designed by Toro, and im pretty sure you heat up the bottom section that looks like a shallow cup, dab into the bottom cup, then it pulls the oil through and "slurps" up the middle straw. Not sure if you also heat up the middle tube/straw.

    This is just my assumption off of seeing function videos, I've never tried one.

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