What is the coolest thing you have in your room?

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  1. What is the coolest thing you guys have in your room?
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    My PC that I built.
  3. I don't know.. maybe my Bob Marley rasta lava lamp?


    I also have this bean bag chair


    and of course, my baby

  4. Well...to you public the coolest would prolly be my snake. Ah yes..I guess the ps3 with 62" plasma are one of my favorites too.

    I do have a better favorite thing...but I can't show my toy here. It's a rules no no
  5. This (10 chaR)
  6. A Bobblehead of myself
    Autographed Wendel Clark autobiography
    Shitty painting thing i did when i got roped into doing a painting group at the camp i worked at. Turned out pretty good and I like it not sure about other people lol
  7. A painting with Tupac, Bob Marley & Jimi Hendrix rocking out. Pretty sweet photo.
  8. A pair of Japanese Imperial Army swords my dad brought back from the Philippines.
  9. hmm..not too much. i have an autographed poster from matisyahu from when i got to meet him/chill with him for a minute after a concert.

    or this poster :metal:

  10. My Xbox 360 Elite, my new Macbook Pro, and my little WRKD bong with a dome perc.
  11. I got a giant framed picture of Muhammad Ali
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    dude holy shit post a picture. i want it

    oh.. coolest thing in my room .. my bose stereo system prolly. and my keyboard
  13. ^lolz. uh, i have a real human skull my room which is fucking sweet! but some people just think its creepy....oh and yeah probably my vinyl collection
  14. My turtle tank, original Comiskey park brick, or a football autographed by Gale Sayers.

  15. Fuck, you too huh.
  16. 90 watt bass amp, line drawing of my brother drawn by a deceased relative, picture of a black kid with blond hair and a baseball cap with trippy flowers in the background...

    Weed. :p
  17. a pink owl :]
  18. [ame=http://s154.photobucket.com/albums/s245/skitlsfreaks/?action=view&current=Movie.flv]Movie.flv video by skitlsfreaks - Photobucket[/ame]

    and another room
  19. yea im pretty badass not gonna lie

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