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What is the coolest strain name?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bigpappyj, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. My vote goes to Alaskan Thunderfuck, just sounds bitchin
  2. thanks to alexyonfire for coming up with
    Buttfucking Aunt Jemima :cool:
  3. Sweet'n Spicy Tittyfuck.
  4. Purple kushy pussyfuck.
    is a favorite of mine.
  5. hahaxD +rep
  6. Wow... such an immature forum.

  7. Bye:wave::wave:
  8. Seems like the more obscene the name of the weed is, the better.
  9. I thought to myself before clicking on this thread, "I know someone is going to say Alaskan Thunderfuck, and whoever it is, is a thunderfucking retard."

    It's not a cool strain name, it's one of the most played out hyped up strain names. :smoke:
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  10. Dood come on, tell me thunderfuck just doesn't roll of your tongue.
    It is a cool name. :smoking:
  11. gtfo, nobody gives a shit about your holier-than-thou attitude

    personally, master og kush makes me crack up every time
  12. I've always though Northern Lights was one of the most beautiful strain names.

    I want to make a strain named Synaesthesia.
  13. No, its just an extremely immature forum. From what I see the "seasoned tokers" are nothing more than a bunch of kids who think they can smoke.
  14. A lot of the strains like Purple Kush Pussyfuck are just Purple Kush. Dealers add Pussyfuck I guess.

  15. You're an idiot if you cant see the people that are worth being here for.
  16. because smoking 1.7grams in a bong makes you able to smoke, right?

  17. SICK burn
  18. OG Sour Kush in LA.
  19. roflz, pineapple express gets my vote! did i just make you lmao!!!! CUZ IMMATURE IS HOW WE DO!
    (i'm just playing. don't get mad)

    i go with alaskan thunder fuck. it just sounds right. never had it though.

    most interesting buds i've had so far were juicyfruit and sweet tooth. too much freakin' dro in my town...

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