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What is the coolest place you've been while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SP00NY, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. The coolest place I've been while high is a science museum, it was so cool to look at all the dinosaur bones and picture how big the dinosaurs actually were. Also the section about electricity was pretty amazing, I went to this show about lighting and the guys would make 10-15 ft lightning bolts across two huge steel balls which was so cool.

    So, what is the coolest place you've gone while high?
  2. On a beautiful mountain in Estes Park. The change of setting alone got me blown, and the amazing sights around me magnified it tenfold.
  3. Great thread
    Theres this place by my dorm building about 10 minutes away walking distance from my school. Its such a chill park/ area since its near the downtown of the town. Perfect for layng around and chilling
  4. best experience smoking


  5. This looks AMAZING!:eek:
  6. food lion. Everything was cool looking and everyone kept looknig at me and my friends. We were pretty fucked up and kept messing around. Our eyes were red as shit. I just wanted to eat everything in sight.

    I'm so jealous. I've been to some really fuckin cool places, but that before I smoked.
  8. I lol'd
    Ive done this multiple times but after a while it gets boring. Best Place ive ever been at while high probably had to be laser tag or the fair.
    In laser tag it feels like your on a mission to kill people. but i was too high so i just laughed at me and my friend.
  9. I've been to the Estes Park area, very gorgeous. Colorado is pretty cool.

    Coolest place I ever been high was at a paintball park, slinking through the swamps. I spent honestly half an hour trying to sneak up on some guys, and emerged covered in mud, yet victorious. I killed the two I was stalking, plus a third guy.

    I was so into the zone that day though. The mud and sludge was up to my knees, but I turned it into a spiritual moment, I had to use a lot of trees and branches for stability to move alone, and as I looked for random shit to get me through the sludge, I started to notice how cool the entire landscape looked.

    I couldn't help but a movie, this would be a good scene.
  10. I love looking at nature while I'm high. I'm so glad I have snow shoes around this time of year, nothing beats the woods in the winter! :smoke:
  11. On a dock on a lake in the night, watching the Perseids with a friend (who was also high at the time.) We were just lying there, quietly eating marshmallows and looking for stars. It was great..
  12. On top of a window cave in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.
  13. walkingon a beachat night smoking dank cyclones
    and bowls of bub hash
  14. I don't know if anybody knows who he is, but I smoked a bowl by John proctors grave on Halloween night. He was involved in the witch trials of Salem if nobody knew.
  15. some INCREDIBLE concerts(Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Steve Miller band, and many more) and some 5 star restruants, some with 10 course meals. I have been to Disney land while high, I have been on trains while high, in cars, on skateboards and bikes while high.

    I have been high on roofs, in a cemetery, in basements, in pools, in sheds, in gazebos, and a lot more places that I cant think of right now.
  16. Down by the river from Saint Paul to Minneaplolis the mississippi river bank. Its amazing, so chopped every summer. We smoke under the falls too, that is fly as HELL
  17. Everywhere I smoke is cool I live in Oregon.
  18. charlesriver not many cool places i guess i gotta start

  19. yeah dude the Museum of Science is siiiick

    the lightning shows are soo cool to watch haha

    coolest place i've been is prolly the woods at the camp that I work at in the summer... it was just so cool to be out in nature, especially at night where there's no light pollution.. just amazing stars

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