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What is the coldest temperature plant can survive

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by sinluv978, May 17, 2011.

  1. Ok so i have 2 plants that are about 12 inches tall i just started flowering them like 3-4 days ago i run 12/12 light system. but i got busted so i cant have my plants inside no more. what is the coldest temperature they would survive outside??? its gonna be rainy all week the lowest temperature will be 50 degrees no less will my plants survive ?
  2. They can handle just above freezing if they are hardy, woodie so to speak.
  3. All deppends on the strain unsure about if your growing in the woods or your backyard but there are tips you can use for outdoors to get you thru these times
  4. Well they are bag seeds , my first time growing so its really experiment see if i can pull it out. one is sativa one is indica i take them outside on my balcony and it gets down to 63 seem like they make it but thats 13 degrees more then what the temperature is now. also its raining the whole week are they gonna drown if i plant them outside
  5. Lol dude we don't know if they will drown from getting rained on, it all depends on how well your soil drains and how your plants respond to a wet environment. Just wait...and be patient and you will find out soon.
  6. What has worked for me in the past and cold Mich nights in spring and fall is burlap. I have used in landscaping and works for weed to a certain degree. It can get ya thru cold spring days and add a few more come flower time. It can be work but like everything else if it was that easy everyone would do it. I have done this to induce flowers in fall but the trick is timing and repeatability.
  7. I live in mountains rains everyday almost and my plants are doing great. Also been cold for about a week and the temperature is barley breaking fifty.

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