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What is the closest you've ever been to death?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hiiiibbbb, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. When I was like 8 I was stung by a wasp for my very first time. It turned out I was very allergic and had to be rushed to an emergency room. My eyes were swollen up to the point where I couldn't see and just as I got to the emergency room my throat was swollen to where I could barley breath. It was definitely a memorable experience. I hated needles at that time in my life and they stuck me with like 10+ shots and put a tube in my arm.
  2. inches away, a couple of time i got saved by not running from the pigs and staying still, the last guy that ran got shot in the head, if i had run i would of been the last.
    other time i got saved because there were this guys chasing my and a friend who stole money from a guy at 1 am in the morning on the streets, this guys in motorcycle come up and shoot at him, but miss...and he ran into a building that was under construction, but i went somewhere else. my friend then appeared dead...apparently he "jumped" from the 8th floor, yeah right.
  3. 1st time, same as you. Stung by a wasp almost suffocated to death

    2nd time, snowboarding. Skier hits massive slope of ice up hill from me, I hear the scraping of his ski's on the ice and turn around just in time for this dick to hit me at the bottom of the mountain goin like 30mph like an idiot.... next thing I remember I'm naked in an ambulance with people staring at me in disbelief because apparently before I came too I went completely non responsive, then just opened my fucking eyes and started breathing again.... had the highest severity concussion you can get before its considered massive head trauma (generally involved your skull exploding into your brain) fractured skull and neck, dislocated shoulder

    The dude hit me like a fucking train, they thought I was hit by a snow mobile lol
  4. bombing the blue ridge parkway on my longboard, predrifted into the other lane with a car comming, guy slammed his breaks and swerved into a pulloff. fucking saved my life
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    Had a severe asthma attack a few years back and ended up having my lungs shut down. I was put in a drug induced coma for four days so that a machine could breath for me. Doctors told my parents I had a slim chance of making it, but here I am. I dont really remember much except for the week I spent in recovery. It definetly changed my outlook on life, I dont smoke tobacco now thats for sure.
  6. When i intentionally od'd and spent a few days in ccu..
  7. Choking on ice cream

    And NO it doesn't melt sheesh
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    Before I gained mad confidence, I wanted to off myself.
  9. I almost drowned at Huntington Beach kind of by the pier. I was new to swimming in an ocean, and was trying some body boarding for the first time. There was a pretty bad current that was forcing me further and further out. I was getting way out there and the waves were crashing on me and I started panicking. Luckily for some reason I decided to swim parallel with the coast line (adrenaline really brings out your subconscious thoughts), and I eventually got closer to the shoreline. When I got to the sand I was gasping for breaths and like shaking. Lol nobody even noticed me the whole time too, and there were hundreds of people at the beach that day. The friend I was with didn't even know where I was or what had happened to me. When we met up he said I looked pale as a ghost, and I told him that's because I just about died.. So we went and smoked a bowl to make everything better.. Ever since that day I don't fuck with the Pacific Ocean..
  10. Me and my friends were goofing around riding on her golf cart down hills and shit but we had like 3 people in the front and 2 in the trunk. So she was driving really fast down this steep hill and took a really sharp turn and it flipped over like 3 times. The two people in the trunk and the driver jumped out because they saw it coming. I was on the very right in the front so me and the middle person were stuck underneath when it stopped rolling. I thought i was like dead already ha but the middle person crawled out so i ended up being stuck under the golf cart. I tried lifting it with my knees but it was way to heavy so it came back down on my head/nose and i now have a scar between my eyebrows. Idk we're pretty lucky we didn't die because we were by the bluff and it couldve kept rolling.
  11. Od'd .. stopped breathing, turned purple.. my dude threw me in the shower and turned cold water on me but it didnt bring be outta it, i was breathing real shallow and was unconscious when he called the ambulance.. ambulance got there and wheeled me out.. got me into the back and hit me with narcan.. i think anyway.. i was high as hell the whole time i was in the hospital.. they evaluated me.. made sure i wasnt tryna kill myself and made sure my vitals were ok..

    funny thing is, when i fell out i had the rest of my drugs in my sock.. got back home after all this happened and realized i still had the shit in my sock :laughing:

    been clean for 4 months tho . so im doin better
  12. I fishtailed on the highway because I hit a slick spot..Thank god there were no other cars around.
  13. .29 blood alc level.
    bad car accident
    thats really it
  14. we are always right there
  15. A long time ago I had a Kawasaki 900 motorcycle -- which was the fastest bike you could buy at the time. It had an indicated top speed of 140 mph.

    I got pissed at my wife one night and got totally shitfaced. (this was before the Nazi-DWI laws).

    So I decided to see how fast it would really go. I was on a parkway near my house -- a 4-lane divided highway with crossroads every few miles, no ramps like an interstate.

    It was dark, I was totally drunk, and I wound that sucker out but it would only do about 135. Not sure why, but I made it through unscathed. A flat tire, a racoon, a deer . . . and I would have been a pile of steaming hamburger.
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    i went in to have a routine procedure done for pain management, i was supposed to be under for about 2 hours... i didnt wake up for a day and a half. when i did come to, it seemed like not a moment had passed, but i was in a different place and the crowd of people around me looked like they had seen a ghost. i got up, got dressed, and walked out. no use crying over spilled milk.

    when i was 12 i was body surfing when a wave upended me and i smashed my head on a rock and was thrown around in the water for a minute before i was pulled to shore and resuscitated.

    me and my family got caught in a controlled burn of a state park while taking my dog for a walk when i was probably 8.. that was one of the most intense memories of my life.
  17. I myself have had major health issue for about the last 15 years and have been in full code without any heartbeat many times. Trust me when I say it isnt that exciting but when you come back from death everything is brighter the world seems more real I guess would be one way of putting it. And before someone ask I'll go ahead and say it no lights nothing its same as going to sleep. Longest ive been down without a pulse is a little over 7 min so maybe i just didnt stay dead long enough to see lights i dont know.
  18. When I was like 10 we were making homemade ice cream at my grandparents house and I took one of the ice cubes out of the hand cranked machine and started eating it and somehow I started choking on it, all I remember is my uncle slapping me on the back and coughing it out lol.

    Then when I was in kindergarten on the playground I was with these 3 other kids and we wanted to break this rock by throwing another one onto it, the rocks were probably like 5lbs each. So I was crouching looking at one and my friend threw the other and it bounced and hit me straight in the forehead, that's the most blood I've ever seen in my life, I remember the playground going completely silent while the nurse ran me to the office, I never got stitches but a big ass bandaid for like a month.
  19. The closest thing i can recall, is when i think i was 10, i almost got hit by a car when i was crossing the street.
  20. I don't wanna talk about it :smoke: :D

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