What is the biggest amount of weed you have ever seen

Discussion in 'General' started by bigred420, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. The biggest amount that I have ever seen was in a grow house, over 60 plants, each LST'd and ready for harvest. I nearly shit a brick at the smell and quantity of weed that took me by the balls when I walked into the house. The largest amount I have ever bought at one time was a HP.
  2. 2 pounds in bud form.

    Plant form I've only seen like 3 small plants in a closet.
  3. Some friends of mine were movin 35 pounds and the DEA busted that shit. I ran through the swamp in the backyear and I didnt get caught im not even sure if they ever saw.
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  4. most i've seen is 10 pounds
  5. About 3 or 4 grams.

  6. :eek::eek:

    Someone buy this man a quarter!
  7. i've seen a hp.
  8. Three pounds of upper middies in my dealer's fridge. I nearly shat myself and half-tempted to rob him, but I'd never, EVER, do a thing like that. That's bogus shit.

    But man...it was tempting. :smoking:
  9. In the house they had a bullmastiff that was trained by the police academy or whatever, the dog would by my balls off if I tried anything funny, he fallowed me nonstop watching my everymovement, waiting for me to try to fuck up.
  10. 62 plants dry and 630 plants living. Approx 15 lbs. in weight. Major Crimes Los Angeles kicked the door in and took all 692 of them. =(

    Oh well. Life goes on.
  11. talk about bulk, must of been a warehouse.
  12. Biggest ive ever seen was a 1/4 oz
  13. 33lbs of mexican shcwag.
    moved into austin texas, and all stashed in a small 4 door car.
    a few weeks later, he got busted.....by a mafia esque cartel in austin.
    crazy shit.
    (all for weed)
    legalize it, and it wont happen.
  14. 4 garbage bags, not sure how much it all weighed
  15. I've visually seen 2000 pounds.

    Most I've ever brought home is 12.
  16. qp, most i had on me
  17. if this includes in your imagination, i've seen infinite
  18. A friend's cousin is a dealer. I got to see and hold a 5lbs brick. I've never seen that much weed in one place in real life before. A few weeks later he showed me a pic on his cell phone of a 10lbs brick he got in. And his weed is good bricked weed.
  19. i plead the 5th

    and schwag shouldn't count.

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