what is the big deal with eric?

Discussion in 'General' started by youcantalk, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. i have heard/seen this a lot but I don't know what it means. Anyone care to elaborate?
  2. What are you talking about?

  3. I was listening to the Marijuana Louges and one dude mentions the name 'eric' and everyone laughs. THen i saw a few posts in here where people just post the name 'eric'. Wha..?
  4. idk.
    i have yet to see that happen.
    can i get a link to the thread?

    Edit: Ohh...your talking about the marijuana logs? i know what you mean, but still havent seen a post like that.
  5. never saw anyone post "eric" before :confused:
    are you sure it wasnt a typo for "epic"
  6. I don't remember where I saw it sorry.

    btw nice av :)
  7. oh.
    well then i cant help.
    me nice av?

    welcome to the city by the way.
  8. I think you mean 'epic' cuz I see that alot around hurr.
  9. i need to expand my horizons after seein the stuff ive seen here. We have just been smokin the Mids and mixing it up rarely. But this is just awesome........:smoking:

  10. no it wasnt epic. And it was the the logs to. that wasnt a typo
  11. ..well my names eric if that is of any importance.:p
  12. What's the deal?
  13. no, i am eric
  14. Join the club. Its called E for ecsta...ERIC!.
  15. So there's three of you now.

    What the fuck is the deal?
  16. nah, i'm just fuckin with ya man
  17. zacks the name erics the game?
  18. My name is adrian, but for this thread.
    you can call me ERIC!
  19. Only people in the E club can know.

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