what is the best you have smoked

Discussion in 'General' started by Blazzed, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. i was just wondering what everybody was smoking these days. but if yall would like to know the highest ive smoked is hydro but i also would like to know what kinds of weed floats around your area.
  2. best weed i smoked was some kentucky chronic, but white widow, super silver haze, sugarberry, and blueberry are my other favorites
  3. HYDRO .. IS .. NOT .. A .. STRAIN !!

    For me its prolly Californian Orange, Purple Haze or White Widow, I cant say which is the best because, well, they fuck your memory up a treat :D
  4. Ive had many nice types.

    White Russian.
    Tangerine Haze.
    Panama Red.
    Sour Diesel.
  5. i would have to say its the person growing the stuff that makes or breaks the bud. i've had so many different strains i can't even tell these days.
  6. White widow's been my latest and favorite endeavor...but around here the nobody markets what they're selling/what they've got. Which is why i was shocked when i found out we got some white widow in town.

    The main question around here is "is it kb or not?"
  7. does any 1 have any pics of hydro?
  8. hyrdo is a means of growing, it can look completely different from each other depending on strain...

    ...but my fav strain that i know of smoking is either cali orange or blueberry
  9. Best ive smoked was purple haze, my buddys dealer picked up 4lbs of it and on the first day he had sold a whole fuckin pound. I scrounged up 20 bucks when i heard and got a gram and all I needed was a one hitter and i was high it was so nice :smoke:
  10. White widow, californian orange, purple haze, and grade A skunk. Smoked some of this shit that i actually couldnt remember any of the night before was sick all over my table and when i woke up in the morning homies were telling me we had like 6 jays and i only though we had two and went adn checked my stash and there was a measly have bud left omg that shit me up, i wanna know what tht was, was C-H-R-O-N-I-C.
  11. had some cali orange today and we put bakky in our spliffs (UK thing) and there was so many hairs on this bud we couldnt tell between the tobaccy and the weed, the buds stuck to your fingers we couldnt even use a grinder it was so sticky icky
  12. i know man purple haze is some different shit, i smoked it once and i was seeing doubke vision and was having minor hallucinations seeing colours everywhere like when u look at the sun, man haze is like in a different league i swear
  13. just got 6 grams of ak47 for 80 and 4 grams of northern lights for 50
  14. It's hard for me to decide the best. But my fav are:
    -Sweet Dreams
    -Northern Lights
    -Cali Orange Bud

    mmmm....Bubblegum buds *drools*...
  15. I live in WA state and always get goood ol' chronic.

    So lets see for me its:
    Purple Kush (sold 3 zips so far-this shits popular)
    And alot of shit with orange hairs in it

    Most of the stuff I get is homegrown so I never really know the strain per say. A lot of the strains are mixed with the strains listed above. :) :smoke:

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