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what is the best weed you have ever smoked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazed 4:20, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. i have not smoked for very long but i've smoked some hydro, green bud, and mersh but anyways what's the best weed you have ever smoked not much for weed around in this part of maine
  2. White widow I think. That shit was magical lol.
  3. oh i forgot i have smoked some kick ass homegrown to
  4. bubblegum from th seeds
  5. First of all, Hydro isn't a strain of marijuana, it is a method of growing, you can have hydroponically grown dank and hydroponically grown schwagg.

    Now to business, For me it would probably be Platinum Bubba Kush.
  6. hard hard decision. Just had some sour d not so long ago and it was GREAT. I think tho Grandaddy purp steal the cake for dankest... that shit would make your head spin
  7. Jack Herer,it's the shit.
  8. grandaddy purple is a good one. but my recent faves include white widow, kush, blue dream and bubble gum kush.

    hell, i love all dank weed :D
  9. SensiSeeds ShivaSkunk hands down:yummy::yummy::yummy:
  10. NYC Diesel probably. Unfortunately, we don't get many named strains down in my neck of the woods. I want to go to Amsterdam and get a judge's pass for the Cannabis Cup SO BAD! All the best strains in one of the coolest places in the world! :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  11. Blueberry Kush. It was free too, which makes it even better.

  12. ti didn't mean to sound as hydro being a type of bud i know growing hydroponically is a method i said hydro because i didn't know what type of weed it was i just knew it was grown hydroponically my friends didn't say what type of bud it was
  13. I've heard great things about jack herer... is it similar to Jack Frost?
  14. #14 KobeBryant, Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2010
    Can't say. Some are better for different situations

    Most chill- Either Blue Dream (afghani x blueberry) or Sour Diesel, which just makes you amazingly calm and is best for regular situations

    the hardest hitting stone I've ever felt though was definitely the Afghan Kush my boy got from Montreal. It made me love Canada as a country. The stone was just... Stoned. Straight up stoned. It was just amazing

    EDIT: Jack Herer has a psychedelic feeling to it. I don't know anything about jack frost though, I imagine its just a cross between Jack and I.C.E.
  15. well right now,for me, it's lavender
  16. Friend of mine had some of the Jack Frost and it was really good, no psychedelic affects tho. Speaking of psychedelic weed anyone know how good that LSD is?
  17. I've never got to try that. It's not purple right? Doesn't it just have an almost purple color to it?
  18. Yeah it wasn't psychedelic like tripping or anything, it just had a real cool effect to it. Only word I could describe it with was psychedelic. LSD is a heavy skunk cross, can't say I've ever tried it though.
  19. Shit I wouldn't expect full on tripping from any weed. I knew what ya meant bro :D.

    Lavender is fuckin DELISH.

    There's quite a few strains out there I still haven't gotten to try yet tho :(
  20. Best for me was when I went to Amsterdam, and it was called Mango Haze. Mmmmm, it was so nice. You guys definitely have to try some.

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