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What is the best way to spend time when high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ThatHighGuy024, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Summers almost here and I need some ideas for me and my friends.
  2. jerking off.
  3. Having sex.
  4. my top:

    1. getting productive shit done when i'm stoned, feels good to clean the house for example while you're in a better state of mind
    2. enjoying nature
    3. masturbation/sex is a given
    4. getting stoned before class so you become interested in the subject
  5. Yard work followed by more smoking and a nice long hot shower.
  6. Doing what I'd do normally,
    driving around, or at a park chillin
    hanging with friends
    playing games
    listening to music
    (yes sex/masturbation is a given)
    getting on various websites and just exploring things
  7. Peeing on women
  8. listen to yourself breathe
  9. Isn't there a thread already about this
  10. Do whatever you want to do.
    It will be at least 30% better.
  11. 1. Sex
    2. Listening to music
    3. Shower (not really the best way to spend time high, but it's extremely enjoyable)
    4. More sex
    5. Writing / reading
  12. hackey sack, camping, climb a fuckin mountain, have sex on a mountain, dude your young you can do whatever the fuck you want
  13. Sit in the passenger seat with your dog
  14. I like to draw and paint when I"m high. I'll come up with cartoons and comics that have characters with rhyming names. Have some chill ass music going on and get inspired by it. I draw pictures based on songs, try to come up with and make new inventions too. I'm a lot more creative when I'm high, so I really I just like to be alone and on my own time when I do the smoke because I think up crazy cool stuff.
  15. anything you would enjoy sober usually

    i like to run and hike in the great outdoors, i just pack my bowl and a bag of sativa and off i go!
  16. Rippin more bud until your completely shot :bongin:

    2nd page bitches! I'm #1 to the # 2
  17. Oh shit. I just tried that. Its freaking cool :cool:
  18. Hahah ya it's cold out.
  19. Chilling with friends is all you need, the fun will just come naturally.
  20. Summer is the best time to be high everything is so much better after a long cold winter

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