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What is the best way to smoke?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by weedtoker420, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. There are a lot of ways to smoke weed. There's bongs, pipes, blunts, joints and more. A lot of people say some ways of smoking weed are better than others. Which way do you think is the best? which is your favorite?
  2. Honestly, I smoke in almost every way imaginable, hot knives, joints, pipes, blunts, bongs (which is in order of least favorite to most) and even intake cannabis in other ways, vapes, edibles, and tea. But it all boils down to the fact that I like any way that gets me high, and all of those methods do. I always hate when people ask which is better and stuff like that. The common denominator between every stoner is that they love the ganja and they enjoy being in the company of others that do. Why isn't that enough? Now I challenge you to try all the methods and find which is best for you.

    I wish you peace, love, and weed.
  3. just a simple little spoon will do the trick for me ;)
  4. As a great man once said: I love a blunt or a big fat cone, but my double barrel bong is getting me stoned.

    in order from most to least

    1. bong
    2. bowl
    3. blunt
    4. vape
    5. joint
  5. Everyone always seems to gravitate towards bongs for a reason, so if you really wanted to pretend there was a "best way" it'd go to the bongs.
  6. A lot of people ill say BONGS FTW ad tbh it is my fav way of SMOKING and a lot of other methods can get harsha fter a hile of strict bong-ing
  7. a way that will get me high, lol. Seriously, though, I love bongs, and pipes are ok. Im not a big fan of j's. but blunts always ger me REALLY baked.
  8. Bongs, no doubt, hands down
  9. im pullin for blunts and vapes
  10. Well, I haven't hit a bong in about a year so.....

    It's blunts for me. Nothing beats a nice Dutch or Swisher....nothing
  11. Every method has its purpose, i'll easily prefer a joint over a bong hit - its more social and relaxing. On the other hand if im setting out to get stoned out of my head ill draw for the bong.

    Blunts are amazing too when theres enough weed to go round.
  12. A vaporizer is the healthiest way to do it. Your inhaling vapor, not smoke.
  13. Honestly for me its bongs. I love my bongs..
  14. Depends on what your plans are...if youre smoking by yourself, bongs are probably the best (although i do love my bubbler...), but for me, my favorite has to be sharing a joint or two with a couple of friends. There's just something about sitting in a circle, passing the joint, that is just awesome
  15. There is nothing like facing blunts.

  16. Cypress Hill !!!!:bongin::bongin: Sorry for the double post i had too.:(
  17. Most to least;

    1. Bong
    2. Joint
    3. Pipe
    4. Vape
    5. Blunts (mostly because I'm terrible at making them)

    Nothing beats a good bong sesh for getting baked, but theres something about a well rolled joint that's just sexy as fuck. I don't know why, they've just always appealed to me. Pipes are always a good standby, and vapes are fun but overrated - personally I like the burn, plus it lets me know how high I'm getting, and vapes don't give me the same burn so eh. I just suck at rolling good blunts and don't really have the patience for them, but theres nothing really wrong with them in terms of smoking.
  18. The best way to smoke is through Vapor!
  19. i psersonally love blunts, i love the taste, experience and the social aspect that comes with it.

    and besides if you drop bong, your fucked...if you drop a blunt, your friends carpet is fucked... but i likeee me some blunts ya heard.
  20. For me, it's confusing.. I really, really love bongs, their nice smooth hits get me high as hell every time.. But pipes in my opinion take a lot less to get me high. For bongs I have to pack my bowls bigger and tighter, but on my little pipe I can put in a tiny little piece and I'll get pretty stoned off that. Also, another plus for pipes is they are very easy to get ghost hits on, so you don't walk around smelling like weed.

    But overall, I have to say bongs are my preferred, even if I mostly smoke out of pipes. I'd put them both down as number one.

    1. Bongs/Pipes
    2. Blunts
    3. Joints
    4. Brownies

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