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What is the best way to smoke?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Bongsoverbagthat, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. So what is the best way for you to smoke?

    I smoked joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, gas masks, hookah and a vaporizer.

    The most high I ever got off of a gram was with a hookah. It's not that efficient because u need coal and a place indoors to just sit for a few hours but it was truly the most high I ever got.

    But if its all around best high and efficiency it leads you to my zong. My 3 foots zig zag bong. That is epic.

    How bout you guys. What's your best way to smoke in terms of most high and most efficient.
  2. how many new threads you gonna make? just till you get a response?
    if the herb is good don't matter how you smoke, it'll do it's job. :bongin:  :bongin: :bongin:  
  3. Just making splash and saying hello. I got lots of questions and would like to have answers for em I hope none of them are repeats. But they are all valid topics.
  4. Vaping, nothing gets me higher an saves me more ganj then vaping, don't even smoke Anymore because it doesn't hit me as hard as vaping

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  5. I find inhaling smoke into my lungs is the best way.

    I joke, gotta be a doobie-bong-doobie-fucked.
  6. Make a gravity bong man...that will get you stoned.

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  7. Vaporbonging !!!!! :metal:
  8. A grav hands down. Nothing will force more smoke into your system that fast and hit you that quickly, in my honest opinion. Next to a nice big grav, a well made glass bong with as many percs and ice catchers as possible will hit you pretty hard as well.
  9. best to worst for me. 
    joints and blunts
  10. Nothing beats a nicely rolled blunt w at least a gram of dank imo

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