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What is the Best Way to Roll a J?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tokemon, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering because i know some ways and I just wanted to know what the best way to roll and nice fat j is?
  2. Use a rolling machine. Some people hate 'em, but they make perfect joints every time.
  3. i'm gonna have to agree with using a rollin machine, alot of people hate em but once you get used to using them they make bomb j's anyway's peace out
  4. this seems llike a good enuff place to pose my you think it may be easier for someone with small hands to roll a joint?....personally ive never used a machine my man stating at the very beginiing if i was going to smoke i needed to learn howw to roll. im pretty good at it :) it took me 3 years tto get the fat part outof the middle. (visulize a python having eatin a monkey) ifold the paper halfway,fold the bottom corners in and i gots myself a nice place to pack my cutup bud.........OK IM JUST TO CHEAP TO BUY A MACHINE.
  5. short is ok, long as its fat :) and tight.
    heres a low quality shot of my jay.....heres to you...
    the papers are joker eh, im not picky at all i dont buy'em.

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  6. hey i've got the same lamp beside my screen!
  7. hhm, i like it! it was a gift...funny thing is, is it was my gramma who gave it to me.....makes me wonder
    :) peace
  8. I love bongs, pipes (glass of course) and the whole lot... but personally I think that nothing beats a good joint.

    You can put it out, carry it with you. Once you're done with it, you're done. You can bowl the roach... or if you use Randy's or any other wired paper you can smoke it until all you have is a piece of wire. Not very incriminating is it?

    I think that over the years, my hands have finally learned, without a doubt, how to roll a fine joint. I can roll them Dutch or "American?".

    I do like rolling machines for their convenience, but, I don't like them over a joint that someone's fingers have labored over. Although, with a rolling machine you never have the problem of trying to take a nice toke and ending up with a mouth full of weed. I wish I could run a joint-rolling clinic with my group of friends in order to ensure they know how to properly roll a joint without making it too loose/tight. But, alas, people tend to get offended if you try and tell them what's wrong with the joint, even constructive criticism.

    "Oh well, it got me high" is a common utterance.
  9. I use zig-zag orange (1.25's) and a dollar bill. Sprinkle a good amount of weed on the bill, fold it in half and kinda roll it up and down... A bunch will fall out both ends, but that's okay.. it makes it even. Open the bill up, wet both bottom corners of the paper slightly, put it in the bill, behind the weed and roll it up!

    I can roll a bill by hand but they turn out much, much better for me with a bill - as good as a rolling machine and much easier to come by. :)
  10. I used to use a cheap rolling machine but have bought a futurola roller from right here at Grasscity. It rolls the biggest fattest, longest joints lickety-split! I will never use any other roller or method again.

    Of course when I roll them myself the cherry end usually falls out after a couple of hits and burns the shit out of my shirt, arms, stomach or legs.
  11. Has anyone else seen "Bongwater" where Andy Dick tries to roll joints? TEEHEE!
    I just laugh and laugh because that's like ME I can't roll joint's for shit, and when supastoned don't want to deal with the patience it takes - so I bought a rolling machine.

    WOOP WOOP back in the phat joint business again! I love my joints, and they sure beat my joints that fell apart halfway thru, or were just big lumpy turd-shaped messes :)

    highawatha you roll awesome joints! rock on :)

  12. HAAH!

    I like how a rolling machine makes perfect joints every time (provided you don't put the paper in upside-down or backwards).

    Makes for fat juicy roaches at the end of the bag.

    But just for the hell of it, I learned to roll by hand. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't know how and didn't have a rolling machine. (GOD! Don't make me think of those things!!!)

    The trick for me was to not pinch the rolling log in the middle while rolling. It doesn't tighten the joint up any and basically just mashes it around causing the joint to be even looser.

    Pinch the rolling log top of center and roll 'er up. It tightens up the joint as you roll. I usually roll it up and then roll back (un-roll) about half way and give 'er another roll up. Makes 'em tight as I want.

    And who cares if it's pregnant? As long as it doesn't run I'm happy (as long as I'm smoking it, that is). You can always take the pregnancy out of it during the re-roll. You can do the re-roll as many times as it takes, but it takes some finger work that takes practice.

    Smoke on!
  13. I love a fresh machine rolled joint. It's so quick and easy. Plus who doesn't love having such a cool little machine.
  14. what makes roachweed taste bad? I've had good roachweed and bad........the good didnt realy taste much and the bad just tasted bad. My friend told me that roachweed is better because it's collected the resin from the rest of the joint. Is this true?

  15. hey,
    whats up. i saw someone do this once and i wanted to know if u could maybe go into a little more detail about like when u put the paper on, and stuff. thanks

  16. For the real pro's!!!!!

  17. Dude, that machine is so rad! I want one.

  18. Age probably is the biggest factor in the nasty taste of roaches.

    Well, that depends on what you call "better". More potent? yes. Does it taste better? Probably not, but who cares if it stones ya more!

    Resin (and everything else in the joint) becomes more concentrated the longer it has the smoke filtering through it.

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