What is the best way to REMOVE / PREVENT moisture in soil?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by gorilla420x, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. What is the best ways to remove and prevent moisture in soil? My plot is naturally wet, I've seperated the normal soil from my own soil using a ground sheet with holes in it, I now need to dry the ground around it so I don't sink when trying to water the girls, or worse, so it doesn't cave in or waterlog..

    Thanks for any info :)
  2. Probably should have mixed Perlite into your soil to begin with for drainage. How far along are your plants? Take some photos.
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  3. They will be as wet as the ground around it

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  4. I have mixed perlite and stones at bottom, the plants are basically in a giant pot of their own.
    I only asked this question to see people's methods because I need to dry out the area around them to simply make it easier to water and work with.
  5. They won't, because they are separated by waterproof material from the surrounding soil

    I just need to make the surrounding soil dryer so I'm not constantly slipping around.
  6. Doesn't sound like there is anything you can do if you've got it in the ground in a wet spot. You'll just have to wait till there is enough dry weather and sun to dry it out. Try growing in a 5 gal. bucket next time and get your plants up off the ground. You can control the drainage well that way and it makes it less like to have bug invasions in your soil. Your soil mix should be planned for drainage before you put plants in it and there are also outdoor prepared grow soils on the market if you're interested in just buying the right mix. I just use the same soil we use in the indoor grow usually and it works fine. But where you put your plant has a lot to do with what kind of plant you end up with. Sounds like you need to change locale for the next one. TWW
  7. I've seperated the normal soil from my own soil using a ground sheet with holes in it...

    If it has holes in the sheeting, it will be as wet as the surrounding soil......i would use buckets

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  8. If your growing in a swamp or Marsh the moisture is there to stay, your best bet is to lay pieces of plywood on the ground then step on the plywood.
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  9. get a hair dryer and an extension cord.
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  10. I think you need to give up on changing the environment to suit your needs.
    By making holes in the ground sheet (were you thinking drainage?), your soil is gonna wick moisture from the wet soil outside.
    You seem attached to that wet spot you found...with containers you can still grow there.

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  11. I tried this once, let the plant water itself.....it doesnt work...seriously

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