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what is the best way to hit the blunt.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by itxland4me, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. because .. i mean i know i hit it .. but what if i could have gotten even more fucked up if i hit it better? so i need the best best way. :D<<--- this smiley makes me unconfortable.
  2. You know how hard you breathe after you run a mile or something.

    Do that to the blunt. Practice making vaccuum noises and hit the blunt like that.
  3. Inhale (with the blunt in your mouth), take the blunt out of your mouth and inhale through your mouth, again.
  4. Well what I usually do is puff the blunt, and I think this is called ghost inhale, but from there i open my mouth and puff out a smoke ring and suck it back down with the rest of the smoke in my mouth.

    Either that or the french inhale I think gets u nicely ripped.
  5. thanks. im kinna bearly a few months old with my smoking lungs. any tips actualy would be appreciated.
  6. i agree with these guys.

    sometimes when i had only smoked a few times, the smoke was too harsh and i found puffing my smoke like you would a cigar then inhaling cool air would make it less harsh on my throat and lungs...

    i try and keep the tricks to a minimum when smoking, just puff it till your mouth is full of smoke and inhale air through your mouth and you will be good. also i have read on these forums that after 7 seconds its okay to exhale. any longer is only to ghost it. you wont absorb any more thc after the 7 seconds.
  7. 2 or 3 small hits and pass. PLEASE DO NOT HIT A BLUNT LIKE A BONG. do not inhale like your a giant with huge lungs. just 2 or 3 small drags till theres sum smoke in your motuh inahls slow exhale slow. if you want to do tricks do it after you pass the blunt with the smoke your exhaling. when u hit a blunt hard it will cause it to boat too

  8. i disagree. if you hit the blunt real hard like that its gonna make the cherry heat up too much and start to crossburn and burn way faster. if you really want to get higher take slow smooth hits and the blunt will last much much longer. youll get higher if your smoking the blunt for 20 mins than if you hit it super hard and make it burn away in 5 or 10
  9. 1.Grab the blunt
    2.Stick the blunt in your mouth
    3.Inhale until you cant feel your chest
    4.Exhale smoke onto all your friend's faces
    5.Hold on to blunt, smoke down to roach
    6.Eat roach
  10. dont drag on the blunt, if it's rolled right the bitch will hit right.

    pull slightly pull once then again and inhale.
    we talking like no more than 2seconds of pulling(if the blunt is rolled right.)

  11. That's how we do it...leave no evidence.
  12. Eating the roach is a COMPLETE waste, unless you really wanna get sick from eating tobacco leaf, or like the taste of tobacco and/or pot. If you have a pipe, smoke the rest of the blunt in there: you don't waste weed, and you don't burn yourself!
  13. try taking your hits like this guy. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZUz-HQUQkg"]YouTube - smoking some chalice[/ame]

    its not as harsh as trying to take a long hard drag off the blunt. its like keeping a constant stream of smoke in your lungs without feeling deprived of oxygen.

    I dont recomend doing this on a bluint that isnt yours. people get upset when you dont conserve and just perform the equivalency of rape on their blunt.
  14. hit it slow n hard.

  15. You're not going to get sick from eating a roach...i had a friend that used to eat each and every single blunt roach just for giggles and there were no consequences. I do agree that you might as well take the weed out and burn it in a bowl though.
  16. smoke it like you would a cig, but slower and longer...thats the best way to describe it, i have actually noticed a technique all smokers seem to develope naturally from smoking blunts, or maybe it's just me. whatever the case i would say it does not matter how hard you hit it or how fast, what matters is that you smoke it and enjoy it at your own pace.
  17. just hit it in half second intervals until you feel like you're getting close to your harshing out threshold. hold it in for as long as you can and that's it :)

  18. Someone hit my blunt like that once and you best believe they got kicked from the sesh. (I didn't really know them)
  19. Yeah you gotta save up those blunt roaches till you can roll a second generation blunt.
  20. I find that putting your mouth on one end and a lighter on the other works well.

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