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What is the best way to hide weed during a family car trip?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LemmeLightThat4U, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Stuck in a car for 8 hours. Cant have the slightest scent. Cool Ideas?
  2. jar in a suitcase wll be fine dont overthink shit man
  3. Simplest ways are sometimes the best

    Who Dat!
  4. Ziploc vacuum bags with hand pump. Double bag it and vac each bag. Insert into mason jar and even if the car bakes in the sun you should be fine.

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  5. A mason jar in your suitcase will be fine. You could even double jar it just to be safe, but vac bags are unnecessary.
  6. condom, anus...get busy. :eek:
  7. Slit a hole in a pillow and stuff it in. All through highschool we did this when our friends mom would search our bags. . Thank my friend for the idea. Rip HGC.

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  8. put it in a bag of coffee
  9. i traveled 3 hours in the car next to my dad with four grams in my cargo pants pocket just sitting in dime bags,he didn't smell a thing

    just put it in a pocket and spray deodorant in there 
  10. Just put it in an air tight pill bottle and in your suitcase or whatever. That way you don't have to worry about a mason jar in your bag breaking and getting glass in there and then your weed will reek at the same time. Because that would suck lol. Plus pill bottles are smaller than jars, so it will be easier to hide.
  11. Leave it at home
  12. 1/2 a gram of good stuff in aluminum foil smells up the cab in my truck in a couple hours.
  13. Get bread ,big peanut butter jar and jelly. Empty pb to bottom but leave layer on bottom . Wash hands /do not transfer any smell to pb jar(dogs). Double bag or herb container inside pb jar and pb back on top. This method kept me least paranoid my friends.
  14. put it in a grinder and then a plastic baggy, then down your underpants. 
    Works everytime
  15. Leave it at home, if you get pulled over it could ruin everyones trip
  16. Google JYARZ.
    Small glass stash jar wrapped in unbreakable plastic with silicon seal.,,just perfect.
    Not cheap but will last a lifetime.
  17. in a ziploc bag and buried in vaseline or hair gel tub in ur bag
  18. Pill bottle never fails

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  19. Why would the cop have any reasonable suspicion? The cop isnt going to pull over a family on a road trip over and assume theyre packing bud haha
  20. Vacuum SEALED bag inside a canning jar full of coffee beans.  Remember not to contaminate the bag or jar with hands that have touched pot.
    That being said I am going to assume you don't just have access to a vacuum sealer and vacuum bags.  If your parents have all that you are in luck!
    Realistically just a bag inside a sealed canning jar full of coffee should do the job here.

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