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What is the best way to get rid of the pot smell?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by daiseyduked, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. i was curious as to what u guys do to get rid of the smell? me~ i spray a ton of air freshener!
  2. I open a window, use a spoof (the toilet paper roll with laundrey sheets in it), and burn incense. I also got a air filter thing going in my room that "oxidizes" air or something like that. I guess that might help it a little.
  3. i simply smoke up anyone that goes near my room

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  4. my room doesnt usually smell as long as i use a pipe and blow the smoke out the window.. i used to use spoofs and insence and all that shit, but you really dont have to worry about it if you play your cards right.. if i do notice any smell, ill just light a stick of insence and open my window.. thats the most itll take
  5. I used to fuel airplanes. Get a thin coat of jet fuel on yourself and no one can smell anything else. ;>
  6. if you've got the cash then a negative ioniser would do the job....get rid of the smell completely......Peace out....Sid

  7. what is that?
  8. it's some sort of contraption that grabs the bad smell and ionises takes it away completely....Peace out....Sid
  9. Ionization has more to do with electrical charging of the particles.

    I mean, in the end it still helps to get rid of the smoke/smell, but it's not because it became ionized.

    Basically any ionization air purifier ionizes particles to have a certain electrical charge when they enter the system (either positively or negatively charged) and then it runs the air and charged particles around something that has the opposite charge (some times a filter, some times a metal plate).

    Since opposites attract, the particles are stuck to the place that has the opposite charge of what they now have.

    Kinda like a tv screen. But the ty screen doesn't charge the particles that stick to the screen, they just happen to have the oposite charge when they happened to get too close to the screen.

    But back to the question..... Airing out the place is about the only way to get rid of the smell.

    I was once smoking with my then future wife up in her room. We were smoking right by a fan that was blowing out the window and we were blowing our smoke into the fan. We came down stairs to her father asking what kind of rope we were burning up there.

    So basically, people who don't ever smoke pot can smell very very small amounts of it. Even regular smokers can if they haven't been bathed in it's scent for a while (which is why you think all that dryer sheet and incense BS works).
  10. Well i knew it did something like out....Sid
  11. Is that a pic of Sauron, Sidious? I can't wait for Two Towers to come out. I just finished re-reading it.
  12. There's a spray called like, hold on, let me get it. Ok, it's called Lysol Disinfectant Antibacterial Action. I like it much better than air fresheners cuz it doesn't just mask the smell it actually gets rid of it. Works on clothes, in rooms, in cars, anywhere. Great stuff.
  13. Yeah it's Sauron reefer_cat i'm reading the 2 towers at the moment and i think it's gonna be even bigger than the first one.....can't wait.....Peace out....Sid
  14. the two towers is going to be fantastic. I am particularly interested in how the ents will be protrayed. I LOVE ALL THINGS TOLKIEN AND THE FILM HAS BEEN NO DISSAPOINTMENT (appart from "elven" being replaced with "elvish" which only applies collectiveley to the sindarin, twengar and quenya as different styles of the "elven toungue"- I know I can't spell for shite).

    Wouldn't the eye of sauron be a better (more traditional) portrayal of Sauron (which I have allways pronounced Sor-on).

    Here's the bit where I demonstrate my nerdiness:
    Did you know that there was a dark lord before Sauron called Melkor- who was the mightiest one of the Ainur who challenged Eru, the one, who is called Ilúvatar in Arda and the other Ainur who did not challenge Eru spawned the races of men, elves and I think dwarfs (as it's not technically "dwarves" in Tolkiens scripts).
  15. I have to admit switch i did not know that....i have not read anything on it before apart from some of the two towers.....maybe you can answer some questions that i have on it....What happened to the other 2 elves apart from Galadria?....what happened to the other dwarf lords??
  16. it is not mentioned in the lord of the rings, and if it is in the book of unfinished tales or later on in the Silmarillion than I have read I do not know.
  17. well i did find something out that i didn't know about in the film....that one of the elves gave his ring to gandalf.....Peace out.....Sid
  18. *ahem* back to the subject....heh...

    my dad cleans carpet for a living (shameless plug-Cunningham Carpet Care, Hot springs arkansas, best in town) anyway, he got this stuff called Nilium, whitch is like industrial strength febreeze, in the way of it actually can get it at your local janatorial supply is like $10 for a gallon of the stuff, and you ahve to delute it, or it will eat your hands off (not really)....but yeah, thats what i use, and it does the smell erradication quite well...

  19. hmmm... where can a gal pick up some stuff like that

    thnx sid and bed burner

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