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what is the best way to extract THC using olive oil?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by ResinLip, Jul 1, 2009.

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    i have googled and found several methods of using olive oil but not sure which one might be better, let alone why.

    i have had good success with butter. grind up the herb and then simmer it in the butter for 10-15 minutes then use in your recipe.

    the olive oil methods that i have een on the net:

    olive oil and water ina pressure cooker for an hour and then add more water and put it into a press.

    soaking ground up herb at room temp in olive oil for some long period of time.

    heating up the olive oil to 325, pull it off the burner so the heat rises to 350 (not sure why this is), dump in the herb and simmer. (seems most similar to what i was doing witht the butter).

    anyway, which method is best and why? doe they all capture the same amount of THC from the same amount of herb? des the water and pressure coer ethod take out more plant material?

    also: can olive oil be reheated and reused with fresh bud to make it even more potent each time you add to it?
  2. seriously you just simmered weed in olive oil and cooked it and it was effective?
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    have not yet had a chance to to try my work but expect that it should work, though not too potent. works with butter that way so i figure that olive oil will work the same way.

    this web site implies that.

    CannabisMD Reports : Marijuana in Capsules
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    I double boil for 2 or 3 hours when I infuse olive oil. Works great, but not the best taste.

    Edit: I then strained it through a coffee filter.
  5. why do you use a double boiler? have you tried usnig less time?

    in my case, the gas range has a small burner that allows for precise control and i can dial it in to 325*f (measured seperatly). perhaps i am accomplishing the same thing.

    i used a coffee filter as well to strain. and then i mashed it in an orange press to squeeze out the oil. i ended wtih nearly as much oil as i started.
  6. Double boiling is very low tech; I used it out of necessity. As long as you're not cooking it too hot, more time will make it more potent, up to a degree of course. Sounds like your batch is going to come out quite nicely. Let us know how it hits you.
  7. The easiest and most effective way is to use a crock pot. Add 1 cup of olive oil per oz of bud. ( I only use leaf clippings or shake, so I double the ammount of weed).

    So scratch that, 2oz of leaf or shake per 1 cup of olive oil (or even better coconut oil). See you want the fattiest oil possible for the THC to stick to the fat.

    I usually use a 1/4 pound of leaf, and obviously 2 cups of oil because it is hard to fit much more weed than that in a crock pot. Anyways cook it on LOW for 12 HOURS! Stirring it once per hour.

    After 12 hours we need to strain the leaf because all we want is the oil with no floating crap. I use cheese cloth and a household strainer, but a fruit press is ideal. This is a part of the process where you need to be creative and consider your goal, (To extract as much oil as possible from the saturated leaf, without any floating leaf and other crap). As you strain and ring out all the oil from the leaves you should be draining the good oil into a clean bowl to let cool.

    After a couple hours at room temp you can start making capsuls. I would get a Cap M Quick capsul maker that fits 00 size capsuls, and of course a few hundred 00 size capsuls, and like an eye dropper to fill the individual capsuls.

    These capsuls are BADASS!! Taking 2-4 you should be ripped for 5-8 hours! Be carefull because most people are surprised how fucked up they get, you might almost feel like you are tripping, but you will figure them out. Also this oil can be used to make boxed brownies. Just go to the store and find the brownies that call for the most vegitable oil and substatute the canibus olive oil for the vegitable oil. ( I think betty crocker calls for the most oil) Be verry carefull with these, I was doing some calculations when I made them and I figured every brownie contained about 10 capsuls worth of olive oil!!! My friends mom was out of her mind for 14 hours after 1 brownie. Oh btw 2 cups of oil should make 300-500 capsuls!

  8. I am actually going to do a full write up on this and butter (which is pretty much the same). Because the canibus butter making thread is a joke.
  9. i want to make some cannaoil with garlic infused olive oil, will this work? (then put that shit on bruschetta !)
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    An old thread, but this should help (I'll address a few points mentioned above as well) :)

    Don't forget, once your temps surpass the flash point point of your THC (in case you were wondering, that's only 300.2 f!), you've already degraded some of the most valuable components of your potency by a minimum of 20% - 25%!

    It's why liquid chromatography/LC is a more accurate means of measuring potency than gas/GC, once you start reaching the vape and combustion points, you are SERIOUSLY damaging your meds (and by the end of the process, you're potentially cutting your number of total doses in half, or worse!).

    Olive oil should also be avoided, due to its long-chain triglyceride content, unless you have a liver condition or you have repeatedly experienced the over- metabolization of your cannabinoids. The fact it has such a low saturated fat content also doesn't help, this extends the amount of time required to break down cannabis glandular material into a solution immensely.

    Olive oil promotes lymphatic absorption and bypasses the liver, this is good for patients such as those I've mentioned above, or those who need to medicate first thing in the morning in order to stomach a small meal.
    But for most medical patients and 99% of recreational users, you're looking for a medium-chain triglyceride containing oil such as coconut oil, palm kernel oil, or even clarified butter to a lesser extent.

    This is because in your liver, a large percentage of your D9-THC is converted to the much more powerful 11-OH-THC.... with olive oil, you're bypassing the liver by absorbing your cannabinoids lymphatically, and you're missing out on nearly all of the potentiating conversion.

    Medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs on the other hand are absorbed passively and rapidly without requiring the aid of bile salts, through the portal vein and the liver, for delivery to the blood stream... this provides a faster onset, and a longer-lasting, stronger, overall experience.

    You need to be sure you're activating or decarbing properly, and promoting bioavailability in an oil source that works best for your body.. for most folks, that's coconut oil or at the very least clarified butter!

    It's easy to make better edibles than you can find in many clinics... it just takes knowing the right steps. :)


    This should help, the below recipes have revolutionized the edibles distributed by some of the most popular vendors and clinics.... but my motto has always been that EVERYONE deserves the highest quality edibles, whether you have access to coffee shops and dispensaries, or not!

    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to BHO, but made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

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    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Hash Oil (starting with dry-sift hash, same as capsule recipe, oil can also be used for cooking)

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