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What is the best way to concentrate THC

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mjcapo, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I am asking this since I have been vaporizing for the past 3 years, and developed some tolerance, it seems I never can get really stone, or get to experience what others report as being completed fuck up!...just doesn't happen with me. I've tried to vaporize more, but when I finally feel like I have vaporized plenty, the effect are not the same as, for example, have a cannapenutbutter bread. Anyway, I have also tried with tincture and it never seems to work - I'll do it one more time making sure I put enough MJ in the mix, before I ruled it out since it hurts my stomach - may use glycerin next time. Anyway, anyone has an idea that would ensure me that high that some time ones needs to really be able to relax.....thanks
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    If you're not getting as effected as you used to from vaping/smoking, or if you've been disappointed with your meds lately in general, it's time to either cut back, or accept that this is your new normal 'high'.

    Once you start taking in grams (or even oz's) a day, it becomes very hard to feel the contrast between 'natural' and an over-load of cannabinoids, when you've already over-loaded your system.

    Processing is crucial.. edibles and tincture should be more effective and efficient than smoking, meaning if it was made right and you don't have a serious digestive disorder, you'll need less than you normally would when smoking, or about the same as you'd need when vaping.

    You may be making the mistake of producing edibles with an average dose more suitable for average and low-tolerance users. The average suggested dose in oil, is .35g of the dried flowers and frosty leaf of the plant, but that's only a good dose for the average user who only smokes or vapes about that, in an entire day.

    Ideally, you need to first take your daily intake into consideration, and you should be aiming to eat a little less per dose than you'd normally smoke in one session (for an average user/once-per-day session), or in one day (if you are a frequent or heavy user, with multiple vaping/smoking sessions per day).

    The below may help...

    " Stove-top fry methods and quickie oils have reduced potency and bioavailability, and due to the more-intense
    heat and speed of the process they can, and often do smell up your kitchen, but even they can be controlled
    somewhat if sealed as well as possible while heated, and only uncovered once cool.

    How many doses you get, and how strong each dose is, depends more on your processing methods than the
    quality of your herb! Of course, if it had no potency at all, you wouldn't get anything out of it regardless
    how well you processed. [​IMG]

    But correct processing will make the difference between using 1 gram for a slow onset and only a mild
    experience, and using only a fraction of a gram, for a fast onset, with intensely narcotic sensation.

    (Example.. some patients may feel comfortable from a half (1/2) gram, in an improperly processed edible,
    but the same patient may feel overwhelmed and too-medicated, from only a tenth (1/10) of a gram, in a properly
    processed oil.)

    To learn how to make this (or your trimmings...)


    Into, this...


    See the link below:

    (First Page, contains detailed information on decarboxylation, or cannabinoid conversion..
    decarboxylation is the process of activating your cannabinoids 'potency' by removing the
    carboxyl group in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor, converting your cannabinoids
    from their acid, to their more potent delta forms):

    Photo Tutorial: Highly Activated Med Grade Bioavailable Canna & Hash Oil, Edibles, Drinkables and more...

    The best oils, produce little to no odor during processing, if sealed properly and heated and cooled correctly. You can easily put it in any boxed brownie mix... be sure to read the final paragraph for detailed dosage information.
  3. Take a tolerance break, dude.
  4. I forgot to answer your question about concentrating... just make a concentrate :)

    Search BHO/Honey Oils..the smokable type, not the edible.. be sure you've purged, then decarb and process into an edible oil-source as usual (shown above).

    Many people don't like the idea of eating a concentrate made from a solvent such as BHO, even if purged... understandable. Just make some wet or dry-sift hash. It's very easy to concentrate large doses this way, and the first page of the link I gave you is almost entirely devoted to making oil with sifted hash.

    A tolerance break would be your best bet, but medically (especially for terminally ill patients) that may not be an option for some people, without being detrimental to their health. If that's the case try hash or concentrates, but just remember, you're only 'spoiling' yourself more! :) You may run into the same problem in another few months, and after a while, you won't have any more room for improvement.
  5. But I only vape about one gram a day.....if.....still is I guess, I may need to stop for a while...anyhow, I'll try the hash ice blender method
  6. you "only" vape 1 gram a day?? thank fuck for that :)... but really... if you smoke that much you should be considering a break... I seldomly smoke a little joint during weekdays and take my anarchy revenge in the weekends.... still hits me like the good old days :)
  7. Ups....a 14 grams last me about 5 weeks so, my math are wrong....vape is the best way to take advantage of your material but doesn't give you those high that only smoking / eating can give you...not even smoking anymore....I am talking about that kind of high where you are fully functional and in control, but you feel a bit euphoric and really enjoying the fly....with vape, only last the first half an hour and after lands you in a more less relax place...anyway, just trying not to waste too much MJ in looking for the best possible dragon, makes my stomach hurt a next stash, I will be using glycerine, and I'll keep experimenting with peanutbutter...

    By the way, what is the perfect time and temperature in the oven (after activation of THCA into THC) to get the best possible results with extraction?, I heard that it is 325 for 22 minutes...but should it be better if making this time longer? let say, 300 degrees but 45 minutes or the peanut butter will evaporate?

    Any insights are welcome thatnks
  8. good that it wasn't 1 gram a day!! and sorry but I'm not an expert about extraction... all I do is joints and cannabutter... works for me...

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