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What is the best way to completely detox thc from your urine?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 1157798, Feb 19, 2023.

  1. I am contemplating becoming a corrections officer and they have drug screenings, I'm from Virginia and weed is legal here but the county websites careers section for their corrections officers doesn't exclude weed, I presume they don't. I want to know if there's a way I can quickly or best detox thc from my urine just to pass their screening? So I can at least get high when I'm off duty at my home.

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  2. Don't presume. Ask. Why are you so sure it's a urine test and not a hair test?
  3. That's the $64,000 question. There's a whole industry selling substitute urine. I see substitution of some sort as your best option. Good luck.
  4. I'm hesitant on handling someone's urine

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  5. becoming a corrections officer?.. others pee will be the least of your daily happening's
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  6. You should hesitate on becoming a prison guard .
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  7. Why?

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  8. From the outset you are wanting too(at discussion level), to deceive your future employer,
    to accept you into a trustworthy position, and then be further trained to a position of greater responsibility
    husbanding with those unfortunates, that are currently being punished for deceiving the law.

    the good news any simple personality test will find you out,

    18yo on this site please
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  9. Former prison worker here (not a guard) and this is my .02.

    No, there is nothing that can detox you quickly for any substantial amount of smoking. You might can sneak a toke or two here or there and have it out of your system in a few days, but baking it up all weekend is going to show up for a long time.

    Using someone else’s urine, or substituting with synthetic is risky at best. Which day are they going to pop you for a random? If you don’t know that means carrying urine around with you, and keeping it warm every shift you work. If you are ok with that, cool. But where are you going to keep it? Don’t know if you have been in a prison lately but going “behind the wall” means going through security. It is literally the first thing you do on your way in the door unless you are in Admin. This means emptying your pockets, going through a metal detector and often a pat down. Going to keep it in your car? Great but when you get picked for testing it usually involves another officer coming to get you and walking you directly to testing. If you haven’t guessed they are on to the “let me run to my car”;response. “I don’t have to go right now” doesn’t work either.

    All that being said, absolutely nothing is random in a prison. They are the most time and schedule oriented place you can work. They have to have outside lab companies come in to collect samples. Doing that means it gets scheduled with someone because they need to pull guards or admin to assist. They also run multiple shifts, and the lab company isn’t going to hang around for 8 hrs so they often rotate sampling pools between shifts. Such as day shift gets tested one month, night shift the next, etc. If you can learn the schedule, substituting becomes a slightly more plausible solution but only minimally.

    Another factor in your favor is the “ good ole boy” system that is alive and well in police departments and prison systems. If you know the right people, and they like you, then all of the dangers can be easily avoided with inside information and preferential treatment. Those connections though usually have to be earned.
  10. Hair test are more expensive, and prisons are the absolute cheapest places you will ever find because saving money is a badge of honor and part of doing a good job as a warden. I wouldn’t guarantee it but would be willing to bet they urine test.
  11. Why not check with the expert? Jump to 12:36

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